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    1. DarkLight

      WTS: Glock 43 SOLD

      Trying to send PM, but your inbox is full.
    2. DarkLight

      WTS: American Eagle 55gr 223 -100rd boxes

      I'll take them all if still available.
    3. DarkLight

      Clinton's Enemies

      The People, that is who would win. Once you de-legitimize the broken system, the only option is to come up with a new system. If you had +60% of the American populace stop caring about which turd sandwich was up for election, the white house becomes similar to he UN, any policies that come out...
    4. DarkLight

      Active shooter siminar in Lafayette, July 16th

      The link says July 15th. I'd be very interested if it was Sat the 16th, but I can't make Fri.
    5. DarkLight

      Poll:who would you vote for right now

      If I have to vote for who will rule my life, then I'm not voting. Why give legitimacy to a system rigged for me to lose? My time would be better served banding together with other like minded, personal freedom loving individuals and building a social and economic community with them. So...
    6. DarkLight

      Poll:who would you vote for right now

      Good old "A vote for 3rd party is a vote for (insert name here)". Feel safe in the knowledge that if I vote for President, it'll be 3rd party, otherwise I just won't vote for president at all; so your 'R' isn't loosing anything by me. Barring anything truly significant happening between now...
    7. DarkLight

      Trump, Clinton or Third Party

      I'll make a terrifying prediction here. Hillary will take the Democratic Nomination with the glaringly obvious use of Super Delegates, as she has been doing. While a number of hard-line Democrat voters will hold their nose and vote for her, a SIZABLE portion will simply stay home on election...
    8. DarkLight

      Democrat party admits they dont trust citizens to choose the candidate

      I'm surprised no-one else has brought it up yet, but the RNC isn't much different from the DNC. The DNC has 747 unpledged delegates as part of their 5,083 total (14.7%). Of those, 432 are superdelegates, otherwise known as unpledged delegates that are Democratic Party Officials, that's 8.5%...
    9. DarkLight

      Handguns suck for self defense (Graphic Video)

      Last year at the Paul E Palooza II memorial we tested 9mm, 40 cal, 223, Birdshot, and buckshot on two hogs that had just been humanely put down. We explored wound cavities and then went to practical application of emergency gun shot first aid. It spoke volumes about just how little caliber...
    10. DarkLight

      BATFE To Ban Common AR-15 Ammo

      I implore each and every person on this forum to please send a comment to: in regards to 18 U.S.C. 921(a)(17)(C). Don't just complain about the over reach of government on this forum, tell them that this is unacceptable. Most of us probably don't even use M855/SS109 ammo, I...
    11. DarkLight

      Jury Nullification

      Kirk, are you referring to the Brice Holden v Indiana appellee case? My understand was that the context of that case was in regards to 'implied threats' and how juries are not bound to rigid adherence to the literal meaning of a communication. How can that be used in regards to 'no guns in...
    12. DarkLight

      The next thing in 3D gun printing- revolvers

      Only if it transforms into a particle beam canon. Pretty sure that might come in another 3 versions though.
    13. DarkLight

      Another good reason to boycott Target

      This. Regardless of which side they were on, I'm against any corporate entity trying to dictate laws. But, as was already stated, Target is already on our bad list for thier gun policy. So why not just call this what it is? Another topic for anti-gay marriage groups to throw a hissy fit about...
    14. DarkLight

      Indiana ban on gay marriage ruled unconstitutional

      Wow, I truly find it hard to believe that this debate is STILL going so strong here. I suppose I only have myself to blame, I was apparently under the false impression that we were largely (though admittedly not unanimously) a pro-freedom community. It's talked about all the time on these...
    15. DarkLight

      Mitt Romney backs minimum wage hike

      I don't get it...why would u need purple for your statement.... :scratch:
    16. DarkLight

      Mayors Against Illegal Guns at Purdue University! Please Help!

      Crud, I'm a Purdue AAE Alum and this is the first I'm hearing about it. Wish there was more warning I can't get out of work and make it there in time. :xmad:
    17. DarkLight

      Texas cop's identity protected after what he did to this poor guy

      It's important for us to recognize that in any group, there are both bad and good individuals. +1 to this officer! Thank you for this find.
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