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    1. rhamersley

      Wow. I guess God didnt want her shoplifting, huh?

      Today's public education...
    2. rhamersley

      Knife attack at park in French Alps critically wounds 4 young children as people cry for help

      Stay safe over there, but this is a duplicate... Guess it got moved...
    3. rhamersley

      Question for those with knowledge in construction/framing

      Try the veal...tip your waitress.
    4. rhamersley

      Go Woke, Go Broke???

      It seems to me that I remember at least one big oil company going along with the climate scam in the past year or so. I want to say Shell or BP but I'm not sure.
    5. rhamersley

      More FBI Shenanigans

    6. rhamersley

      The Insane "Social Justice" Thread pt IV

      I know many hate long videos, but I found this one tonight of Rowan Atkinson speaking on Britain’s speech laws and found it insightful. If you’re so inclined, it’s a good listen.
    7. rhamersley

      Biden to run again in 2024

      I believe that if he runs with Harris again, she'd be president throughout the second term, picking someone to be the vp. If the party replaces her for this go round she'd probably be acting president until the vp elected becomes president and names a second. Either way, I believe she'd...
    8. rhamersley

      Biden to run again in 2024

      Who could they get that has Arkansas ties to take care of this problem??? Hmmmmm???
    9. rhamersley

      Vaccines and stuff: Pt 2

    10. rhamersley

      To mask or not to mask....That is the question. Part II

      Everyone in Japan right now...
    11. rhamersley

      Gr666mer Updates

      Never knew Lurch and Morticia ever got together...
    12. rhamersley

      So Just asking for a Friend, what age is old Now a days?

      Hopefully they don't become besties with a Nigerian prince...
    13. rhamersley

      The Insane "Social Justice" Thread pt IV

      Needed a few "trans-women" to even things up, I guess...
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