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    1. Averygc

      WTS/WTT: Radian Model 1 Upper 10.5

      Looking to sell my model one upper. Only trade I will consider is a 17.5 radian upper or a lmt mws upper. Also DD RIS II FDE FSP with cash added 1600 FTF 1650 for shipping. If shipping PP F/F for the payment. Any questions feel free to message me and I’m located in Logansport.
    2. Averygc

      WTB: Hk Uspc 40sw and Full size tactical

      I’m looking for a uspc and tactical 40sw with a lem trigger but willing to do without.
    3. Averygc

      WTS/WTT: Agency Arms Sage Dynamics V2 MCB

      I’m located in logansport. Willing to ship on your dime and will do PP F/F due to silly taxes. Other wise mainly wanting to due FTF with cash, trade, or PP F/F. It’s the full build in MCB. So it has trigger work, slide mill, stippling, barrel/comp, and AOS for the rmr. It comes with the mcb...
    4. Averygc

      WTB: ISO HK pistols.

      Looking for full size 9/45 and compact 40sw.
    5. Averygc

      WTS/WTT: Mystery Ranch Overload Size Large

      Looking to sell my pack. I used it for less than a summer to ruck 60lbs. Other than that it’s been in storage. The price is $650 any questions feel free to ask. Located up by Twelve Mile. No I won’t separate the harness.
    6. Averygc

      WTS: Agency Arms Sage Dynamics G45 MCB V2

      Bump price drop to 3000 FTF. Trades interested in is hk mk23, hk sp5, and cz 457 vpt mtr with manner carbon fiber stock.
    7. Averygc

      WTB: CZ 457 varmint mtr

      I’m looking for the 457 with the carbon fiber manner stock.
    8. Averygc

      WTS/WTT: HK 45c Tactical German

      Just received this from a trade a month or so ago and after handling the MK23 I’m looking to upgrade to that baseball bat. I can do cash on top of a trade for the mk23. If other wise I’m mainly looking for cash. It was one of the first ones. Serial number is in the 2,000’s but no box due to...
    9. Averygc

      WTS/WTT: Trijicon MRO

      I have a trijicon Mro I’m looking to sell or trade. $400 cash or 450 trade value. I’m just looking to switch up my optic on my 300blk out. I’m located in logansport.
    10. Averygc

      WTS: Saiga AK 7.62x39

      Your inbox is full
    11. Averygc

      WTS: Agency Arms Sage Dynamics G45 MCB V2

      Bump price drop to 3200 it’ll come with holster for iwb by four brothers. Also added trijicon suppressor night sights.
    12. Averygc

      WTS: FN FNX45

      Has about 200 rounds through it. It’ll come with the case, 2 mags, and optic plates. Any questions feel free to message me. The price is $1000. Located in Logansport.
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