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    1. NyleRN

      AK 47 Show and Tell

      Very nice! I wish someone told me back in 2000-2001 to buy all the import AKs and Amazon stock I could afford. Heck, even go in debt to get them. Hindsight and all
    2. NyleRN

      Larue Triggers NOT for PCCs (at least the MBT-2S)

      PCC ARs have to have a full profile hammer because of the ramped bolt carrier
    3. NyleRN

      Bloomington to host event honoring gun violence victims at courthouse Saturday

      Aren't these the same lunatics that are ok with killing babies in the womb? Their ironic signs are....ironic
    4. NyleRN

      Pictures of the great outdoors thread.

      Had a visitor this morning while sitting on the cabin porch with the wife having coffee. Barely got a pic before he got into the woods
    5. NyleRN

      So Just asking for a Friend, what age is old Now a days?

      I'm not getting older. I just see fewer old people
    6. NyleRN

      2023 Smoking/Grilling/Cooking thread

      Using the grill here at the cabin
    7. NyleRN

      Pictures of the great outdoors thread.

      Me and the family drove over to Cherokee and had some Angus burgers at Wize Guyz Grille
    8. NyleRN

      Pictures of the great outdoors thread.

      Newfound Gap at the Tennessee/North Carolina state line in the Smokey's From Clingman's Dome
    9. NyleRN

      Cloud Defensive REIN Micro. Great piece of kit or overpriced POS?

      Mine stays put. Cable is rigid for sure. Haven't had any issues with it so far
    10. NyleRN

      2023 Smoking/Grilling/Cooking thread

      Western style pork ribs. Smoked for an hour and half then sauced and covered and into the oven for another hour
    11. NyleRN

      RIP Tina Turner

    12. NyleRN

      Arkansas man who put feet on Nancy Pelosi office desk during Capitol protest sentenced to 4.5 years in prison

      All the while many in government fleece tax money from the people under the guise of "foreign aid" and continue to live abundantly
    13. NyleRN

      Colorado Travel Advice

      I spent at least an hour just a couple days ago planning a travel trip for 2024 with the family. I was looking at maps and also was interested in going to Moab and Grand Canyon. I planned on 2 weeks time frame. My wife's sister lives in North Platte, NE which is 3hr from Denver. It's a good...
    14. NyleRN

      Father catches man fondling child in Greenwood Little League bathroom

      That's felony assault right? Seems like justifiable 147g HST to the head on the spot would be in order. No? Edit: In Minecraft of course
    15. NyleRN

      2023 Smoking/Grilling/Cooking thread

      Bacon wrapped filets and onions off the Blackstone tonight
    16. NyleRN

      2023 Smoking/Grilling/Cooking thread

      Last night off the Weber kettle. Leg quarters brazed in Buffalo sauce
    17. NyleRN


      No such thing. I believe by the time the prototype 19 came around for the Kansas City PD Glock was starting their gen 2 guns
    18. NyleRN

      Ar15 build help

      Is that the barrel extension poking out? Wow
    19. NyleRN

      My new Kahr CM9 - First Impressions

      I'd sell it after you get it back and chalk it up as a $400 lesson
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