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    1. J

      Worst gun you ever bought!

      Keltec PF-9.. I had 2. No issues with the first. Sold it to a buddy. Bought a new one. Accuracy with this one was horrible. Looked the gun over closely and found Very lite rifling in the brl. You almost couldn't detect any at all. I called them and sent them the brl. They sent me a new one-...
    2. J

      Why do you think a .32 ACP is not a good carry gun?

      I believe when Massad Ayoob was researching data for his 1 shot percentage report he mentioned that the lowest caliber he was going to include was the 380. However, he kept finding data on the 32acp. I believe it was shown, according to Mas, as having a higher 1 shot stop percentage than the...
    3. J

      Worst job and smell and worst job you have experienced.

      I work at a chemical plant. We store and handle anhydrous ammonia. The smell is like your standard household ammonia times 100. If you get a good snoot full your ears hurt.. It's weird. Also we have some water treatment chemicals that make your saliva glands go into overdrive. If you smell it...
    4. J

      Gun range coming to Carmel?

      LOL! Good job Hamms!!!
    5. J

      We The People Gun Range Under Fire by Neighbors

      I know a guy who lives in the boondocks. He started a little paintball field on his back forty. They played there twice a month. The neighbours complained a lot, saying his property wasn't zoned for that. The county, after someone called them, looked into it and sure enough they were right! No...
    6. J

      Indiana House revives drug testing plan for welfare clients

      Didn't Utah enact something along these lines? I remember reading that the savings in the first year was approx $350,000. It seems the people against such legislation only count the test results that come back positive, and not all those who refuse to take the drug test.
    7. J

      PMR-30 Availability and Opinions

      Point Blank just had a grand opening at their Florence, KY store. They were selling black ones for $369.99, all the other colors were $399.00. They had a bunch of them. You might wanna check the Carmel store when it opens...
    8. J

      H&K P7M13

      Bite The Bullit gun shop in Seymore, had one with extra mags the last time I was in there. 812-523-3010 good Luck.
    9. J

      Thanks Y'all

      Welcome, and enjoy.
    10. J

      Most Common Superstitions and their Origins

      Very interesting read. My mother always claimed she was not superstitious in any way. However, we could not rock a rocking chair unless we were sitting in it. Or..leave a males hat on a bed and birds flying against glass worried her something awful. Anyone else heard of these?
    11. J

      Brown Family Sues Officer Wilson

      Wasn't one or both of these parents/ step parents going to be charged for inciting a riot or something along those lines???
    12. J

      Madison, IN Gun Show, March 7 & 8

      A friend and I went to last one there and it seemed like a decent little show. Some very good deals on used handguns.
    13. J

      Best bear defense gun

      12 gauge Keltec shotgun loaded with lots of slugs........
    14. J

      What would you buy?

      Why not something custom? Send a used 1911 or Browning Hi-Power up to Novaks Custom Shop. They offer a lot of different options, and make works of art.
    15. J

      So it looks like USPS lost my gun...

      I feel your pain. USPS lost a handgun that was being shipped to my dealer I had bought on gunbroker. They kept saying it was delievered, and maybe it was but not to my dealer. Finally, after enough phone calls and making a stink, it showed up. It was 5 days after they said it was "delievered...
    16. J

      Revolver as EDC?

      I've been carrying a Smith 642 lately. I don't feel outgunned at all. Some interesting reading on how effective a revolver can be in a fight is the French GIGN. They still use 357 mag revolvers for close quarter fighting in hostage situations. However they also train a lot, as in everyday. S&W...
    17. J


      I watch the Lifetime channel and cry a lot while doing it. I like revolvers a lot. Both of my little dogs are wimps. They watch Lifetime with me.......
    18. J

      Pharmacist Shoots and Kills would be Robber

      West by gawd virginia! I believe all pharmacists should be armed. Way too many holdups at those locations.
    19. J

      So how long have you been married?

      I've been married 20 years. I keep thinking my wife will become self aware anytime and go all cyber dyne on me.
    20. J

      Sig 250 9mm

      I liked mine alot. If you like the way a revolver trigger feels, I think you will like. Mine was accurate and reliable. But nothing really jumps out at you and screams "awesome" about it. I recommend maybe shoot one first if you can.
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