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      Where to sell black powder guns in Indy?

      Premiere Arms in Brownsburg also deals with firearms such as this. Been a few years since I stopped in but they had multiple civil war era firearms including an original Spencer. Worth giving them a call.
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      Youth hunting

      Start with squirrel hunting. High rate of success for instant gratification for a little boy. Also great marksmanship opportunities. Do you have access to private land? If not find closest state land that allows hunting, check regs, buy license, and do some YouTube research. That is how I got...
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      Morels soon!

      Second time out this year. Found 5 medium grays and 2 large blacks. Spent about 3 hours looking in an area that historically has produced much more. Hopefully next weekend will be better.
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      Morels soon!

      Spent two hours this morning at what has been a great place in the past and came home Empty handed. Highly disappointed in my hotspot, but always good to be in the woods.
    5. T


      I hope to have a range similar to his someday in my backyard. I can't imagine how many rounds I would go through
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      Hoo Hoo Hoo HOOSIERS!!!

      Nothing better than good IU basketball
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      Coolest single shot you've owned?

      Old Stevens 410. My grandpa gave it to me when I was 8. Took my first squirrel with it and it has provided some of the best memories of childhood in the woods with my dad. I still take it out rabbit hunting every once in a while. Sure I love spending time at the range with all of my new...
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      Morel Mushrooms

      Thanks for bringing this up so early. It's gonna be a long couple of months now. Nothing better than tender back straps to go with 'em.
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      What happens when an assasins gun misfires

      Awesome. Can you imagine the media response if that happened here? Would be assassin beat up on stage. Someone would have a lawsuit against them for brutality and the would be assassin would be a rich man.
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      Once again, Hes dead on!

      This is awesome. So many good talking points. Perfect video to show people that aren't already in the fight for the 2nd but lean that way.
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      A perfect morning... almost

      I tagged out the first weekend of gun season and haven't had the time to sit in the woods since unfortunately. I still have an occasional dream where I am sitting in the stand and a monster buck walks in. Those dreams are always the most vivid of my dreams too. What I have can best be...
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      bodygaurd 380 question?

      I bought one about 4 weeks ago and haven't had the time to shoot it. Now I'm worried I am going to have issues. Glad they resolved your issues though and glad you like it.
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      I bought a m&p22 today

      I've been looking at the M&P 22. Glad to hear you like it. Congrats on the purchase
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      Hiking Boots

      I also love my Merills. My heavy duty Rocky boots are great as well, but I wouldn't do much hiking in them.
    15. T

      Feral Hogs

      Good luck! you will have to give us a report when you return. I too have been wanting to plan a trip to the south for my first hog hunt. No idea where to start
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      Killing in Milan,In

      How shocking. You mean this wasn't a legally owned firearm? Surely the shooter had a license to carry.
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      m&p vs. G27

      Chevy VS Ford is right. Before you buy the truck, you test drive. If possible, shoot both. That is not always possible, so handle both and leave it up to feel. I own both and I don't believe you will be upset with either. :twocents:
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      Old Buck Leaves a Nice Surprise

      Very nice find. Congrats. I have never seen tips grow like that. Anybody have an idea what would cause the "peckerhead"?
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      Vote Here -> Round 1: INGO- Indiana Gun Shop of the Year -2012

      1. Plainfield Shooting Supplies - Best prices in town and a no BS attitude 2. Bradis - Selection and knowledge
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