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    1. Bigdog357

      Discover bank

      I am dumping excess cash into Brokered CDs right now 12 mo @5.05% 24 mo @4.8%. 4 to 6 month US Treasuries are paying 5.2%. To much volitivity in the market for me right now.
    2. Bigdog357

      South Bend to discuss reparations at some point this year

      South Bend the next Chicago or Portland?
    3. Bigdog357

      Need a Recoil Pad Ground

      I did this one without a jig, I used a cheap harbor freight bench sander. It also helps if you throw the pad in the freezer for a couple hours before you sand it. Also a couple layers of blue tape on the wood and work slowly.
    4. Bigdog357

      Is Silver next?

      Mmm, just found this - sounds like encryption might be a good thing This Silver Buffalo Bar produced by MintID includes an embedded AES-128 Bit Encrypted near-field communication (NFC) microchip. With a single scan, the bar's unique digital identity can be authenticated on a cloud-based...
    5. Bigdog357

      Is Silver next?

      Question - pros or cons of buying encrypted bars, just ordered one of these for $248 from Monument MintID 10 oz Silver Buffalo Bar (BU, AES-128 Encrypted)
    6. Bigdog357

      Yours cars and their colors.

      I'm 63, I've had a few and at least 10 motorcycles , 71 Pontiac GTO 68 Pontiac Tempest - Red 68 Chevy Nova - Purple 62 Chevy Chevelle - Yellow 69 Chevy Caprice - Yellow 69 Olds Cutlass - Black 77 Chevy Scottsdale Pickup - Red ?? Dodge Pickup - 3 on the tree - Blue 74 Olds Cutlass Supreme -...
    7. Bigdog357

      Elkhart Holiday Gun, Knife & Outdoorsmen Show. NOV 25 - 27

      My thoughts exactly - one of the worse shows that I have been to in a long time, I won't return to this show again.
    8. Bigdog357

      Indy man arrested for murder of man who tried to steal his car

      Play, you gotta pay - Two more thieving dirt bags off the street - no loss
    9. Bigdog357

      How old were you when you started taking Social Security?

      I gave up the daily grind at 61 and started collecting SS at 62, I take out 12k a year from my IRA to pay my mortgage and pay very little in taxes. No regrets other than the stock market tanking, but it will come back. I moved enough money out of the market into cash in January 22 to cover 20...
    10. Bigdog357

      Long Gun Show and Tell

      Couple of my Winchesters Top is first year manufacture 1972 9422M 22 mag then a 9422 XTR 22lr
    11. Bigdog357

      Long Gun Show and Tell

      A couple of my Marlin 39's Top is a 1951 39A peanut 1981 39M Mountie 1973 39M Octagon 1970 39 Century
    12. Bigdog357

      WTS/WTT: 1x fired .40 brass for sale or trade.

      Sent you a PM, I will take the 38 Spl if we can meet up today.
    13. Bigdog357

      I am interested in the 38 spl brass, I am heading to Mishawaka later this afternoon, are you...

      I am interested in the 38 spl brass, I am heading to Mishawaka later this afternoon, are you available to meet up sometime today? You can text or call me at 574-304-2204 Thanks Bill
    14. Bigdog357

      How many carry guns do you have?

      Five in the rotation - Walther PPS / Smith Model 65 3" / Smith Model 36 / PMR30, if I think I am going to run into a zombie I strap on my Ruger Alaskan 44 mag. I just bought a carry rig for the PMR30 just for grins. the 22 mag is not a great self defense round but I figure 30 shots to the torso...
    15. Bigdog357

      Where did you "see" OC today?

      I saw myself :) OC my PMR 30 in Meijers. Got a new white hat holster a couple weeks ago, so I could carry it once in a while for grins. 22 mag is not what I consider a great defensive round, but 30 rounds in the torso would probably do the job.
    16. Bigdog357

      WTT: 38/357 158gr SWC bullets

      I'll take these as per my PM
    17. Bigdog357

      WTS: Ranger Model 34 (Marlin 65)

      I will take it as per our conversation today
    18. Bigdog357

      WTS: Mossberg 46B(b)

      I will take it as per our conversation today
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