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    1. RSPhotoIndy

      DIY, Safe, SPP Primer reloading

      Oh, yeah! I saw posts about that too. But I decided the caps would be easier and cleaner for me. (Maybe I'll try that during the next "pandemic".)
    2. RSPhotoIndy

      WTS: SOLD - .357 Bullets - maybe trade for a couple trays of small pistol primers?

      ~630 158 gr, .357, rn, fmj - unknown maker ~70 158 gr., .357, hp - unknown maker I got these from a friend cleaning out his garage. I do not have a .357, and have no immediate plans to buy one in the near future. Maybe someone would trade for a tray or 2 of small pistol primers? Or maybe...
    3. RSPhotoIndy

      DIY, Safe, SPP Primer reloading

      And add it to some Coke to stay hydrated while you're working!
    4. RSPhotoIndy

      DIY, Safe, SPP Primer reloading

      I alluded to this in my welcome message. If this is an improper instruction to include in this forum section, please delete. I have used this "formula", scraped together from multiple online sources, to reload several hundred SMALL PISTOL Primers when they were unavailable during "the...
    5. RSPhotoIndy

      First post: Hello!

      I was taught to shoot at about age 12 by my mom's boyfriend - a Denver cop. Then he taught me how to breakdown his .45. I thought it was fun - but perhaps he was just tricking me into doing his dirty work for him...! I did not really shoot much again 'til my son had an interest in learning. I...
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