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    1. C

      Clambering a rifle barrel by hand.

      Thanks for the advice, will PM Allen.
    2. C

      Clambering a rifle barrel by hand.

      I kind of thought I was over my head on this. From what I've read on here you would certainly be the guy to take advice from. I will PM you later about details and have a couple questions. Thanks much!!
    3. C

      Clambering a rifle barrel by hand.

      Mauser 98 with a centurion barrel. 30-06 thinking of a .243 from Numrich gun parts.
    4. C

      Clambering a rifle barrel by hand.

      I have a rifle I'm about certain has a bad chamber from my"gunsmith". I had it chambered about fifteen years ago and never really shot it much. Being deer legal now have had some trigger time and noticed incipient case head separation on my brass. I kind tried to check the headspace with tape on...
    5. C

      Miter Saw

      I was a carpenter for a lot of years and a hobby woodworker for even longer. My dad has a ten inch marital fixed and I've used Hitachi as well as Craftsman and Delta. I personally own an older Dewalt DW 708 twelve inch slide miter that I've used to cut everything from siding to crown moulding...
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      I appreciate it if you would pray for my Mom…

      Yep, prayers outbound. Keep the faith brother!
    7. C


      Dude, I'm not a rabid poster but I got there. I think in my time I've purchased about 5 times on the classies. I do more reading than posting here because its a wealth of info and quite frankly there are guys on here WAY smarter than I am. Just go with it and be participatory and you will be...
    8. C


      I listen to gun talk while I'm in my loading room.
    9. C

      Things I hate about reloading

      Hey now, I was shooting a forty at LPPL on Sunday.
    10. C

      A bigger day for me!

      Those pics are priceless. Reminds me of having my daughters helping me reload. One is married and expecting my first grandchild and the other is a sophomore in high school. Awesome work dad, he will remember those times just I like I do with my dad.
    11. C

      SCOTUS ***** slaps 9th Circuit with unanimous travel ban ruling

      A quote from the best movie ever. Nice touch!!!!
    12. C

      Marlin Glenfield Model 60 Magazine Tube

      You might try western gun parts in Canada. They even had parts for my browning .22 that was only in production for 5 years or so. Hoosier gun works and Jack First might be options as well.
    13. C

      Powder reviews and recommendations

      Yep, exactly right. I've loaded AA 2,5 and 7 out of my auto disk and do get some leakage but not enough to be a problem. When the shortage hit I had a good supply of Bullseye and haven't looked back. I get the typical " It's dirty" line but I clean my guns after every shooting session and...
    14. C

      WTS: "Inexpensive" holsters (Ft. Wayne)

      I will take them, PM inbound.
    15. C

      Searching for Browning Auto Parts

      I just fixed my BAR-22. I scoured long and hard for part numbers and the parts were even harder to find. You can call or email browning or they might be listed on brownells site. My holy grail was Jack First in SouthDakota, got a remanufactured top ramp and with some minor fitting it was...
    16. C

      USPSA at ACC Saturday Nov 26

      Forgive my ignorance but I'm pretty new to USPSA. What is PCC? Thinking of coming down with a friend.
    17. C

      Reloading Cost

      Yep, not much more to add here, the small rifle are hard as hell but still haven't had any issues except trying to shoot them in pistol rounds.
    18. C

      So.. what are you reloading at the moment??

      Just finished up 9mm for me and my dad and starting on .233 from a summer of fun. Not gonna lie. I had plenty loaded up prior to election.
    19. C

      IMPD officers: Anti-Trump rally set for Saturday evening

      So these peace loving and all inclusive bunch of tolerant folks are pissed about an election? I guess the participation trophies should continue in real life. How do they find time to do this ****? I work all week and have home chores to do before Monday and the cycle continues. I would love to...
    20. C

      Pay It Forward thread.

      . You got em'. Pm replied to.
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