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      Gratuitous Cast Iron

      Grandma used to make amazing cornbread with hers, why did I open this thread now I want soup beans
    2. G

      Why Is it???

      Why is it my drive-up ATM has braille numbers?
    3. G

      LC9 reviews?

      thanks again, now I want all of the carry guns mentioned
    4. G

      LC9 reviews?

      thank you all for the replies, still on the fence. hoping to try one @bud's this weekend while visiting our grandson
    5. G

      LC9 reviews?

      Looking for info from conumers not salesmen
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      WTS: Locking gun cabinet.

      are you willing to meet around greensburg area to sell a cabinet?
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      Ruger SP101, is it the revolver to own?

      certainly :patriot: I have carried my sp101 in 357 mag for a little over a year now and have had no problems at all, I really enjoy shooting this piece.:ar15:
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      What was your first rifle?

      a us remington 03 my grandfather received it along with a 1911 from the nra for becoming a life member :patriot:
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      I donated, but I still don't have my Site Supporter status! How looooooong?!?!

      status :patriot: I sent in my site supporter donation last week, will I be notified when my status changes or will the site supporter icon appear when donation is accepted?
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      What was your first shotgun?

      my first shotgun was a black diamond model 12 trap with a cut stock to about 9 inches. Unfortunately my Dad talked me into trading it when I outgrew it ,he's always been a horse trader and said he wasn't married to any of his guns ,but he recently gave me a Y-model in the box.
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      Looking for handgun for wife

      my wife always liked our taurus model 94 ultalite but i convinced her to go with the s&w model 36 ls in her purse.
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