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      Happy Patriot's Day!

      I may be a little late to the party on this thread, but yes Project Appleseed is alive and well in the state of Indiana. I’m an instructor and “Shoot Boss” with them, and live about an hour north of Lafayette up I-65. I started as a student in 2015- I’d been a shooter all my life and an INGO guy...
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      WTS/WTT: Sig 320

      Bump and price drop. I’ll be traveling downstate all the way down to Louisville on Friday.
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      WTS/WTT: Sig 320

      Bump price drop.
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      WTS/WTT: Sig 320

      I’ve got a very nice Sig 320 up for sale/trade. It’s the full size RX model with the Romeo Zero optic that I bought new at Cabelas a few years back. These retail new at Cabelas for $879 before tax for just the pistol. I’ll include the smaller frame I bought with it, so it will have two frames...
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      WTS: SOLD Glock 27 gen 3

      Bump….I’d take $475 or trade equivalent.
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      WTS: SOLD Glock 27 gen 3

      SOLD I’ve got a very nice third gen Glock 27 (40 SW) up for trade or sale. I’m up in Demotte but I can drive a little for the right deal. It will come with six magazines and the loading tool, and a holster for the right deal if you need one. It also has tritium night sights (3 dot) but I can’t...
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      WTS/WTT: 2003 F150

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      WTS: PAP M92 7.62x39

      I have a PAP M92 AK pistol I’d like to sell or trade. It has been fitted with the CNC Warrior 4 piece muzzle brake, Ultimak rail, and a Hougue grip. I am guessing the cash or trade value is around $700. I live in DeMotte but make occasional trips down towards Lafayette. Trade interests are...
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      WTS/WTT: 2003 F150

      I would like to sell or trade my 2003 F150 XLT 4x4. $1900 value. Pros This is a legitimate F150 4 door crew cab 4 x 4 pick up truck with six seats in it. The 4 x 4 works flawlessly, and when paired with the Goodyear wrangler Dura Trac tires, this thing can plow through nearly any amount of...
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      AK gunsmith

      Hey all, my third cousin once removed has a friend whose cousin in law may have an AK pistol that he is wondering if it could be altered into a rifle. Are there any gunsmiths who could do this? He lives up in NWI but does get down to Indy from time to time. He has very little mechanical...
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      WTB: 270

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      WTB: 270

      I’d like to buy a cheap old 270 hunting rifle. I am not all that particular about the brand, but it should be in relatively good shape and be accurate enough to take a deer at 100 yards.
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      WTS: G43

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      WTS: G43

      I’ve got a G43 9mm in the safe I never use. It has bright Truglo Tritium/Fiber optic night sights and comes with 4 magazines, a speed loader, 2 magazine extensions, and two holsters- one IWB and one OWB. I’d rather trade it, but will sell outright for $500 or silver at spot. Trade interests...
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      NRA Constitutional Carry Update

      So what is the current status in Indiana?
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      WTS/WTT: Franklin Armory AR Binary Trigger

      I have a Franklin Armory BFSIII AR-C1 binary trigger up for sale or trade. It operates with a standard AR safety selector with safe, fire (semi auto), and the added benefit of the “happy switch” position for binary mode. Right now it’s on sale for $387 plus tax and shipping from their website...
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      Need Indy local source for powder/primers

      This may be a stupid question, but are there any local places to get powder or primers? I’m looking to reload 9mm, .223, and 30.06.
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      Employer to require COVID-19 Vaccine by Aug 15th.

      Stick to your guns on this one. Easy for me to say as my company hasn’t threatened my job yet, but I fear it might at some point. I’m in prayer that the good Lord will grant us mercy in this. For me starting over again would be devastating.
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