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      Go Woke, Go Broke???

      A company goes woke and remarkets or renames their product. Sales decrease. Has there ever been a time when the woke consumers have back-filled the reduction in sales of a given product when those consumers chose a non-woke competitors product? Have any increased sales after having gone woke...
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      New comer

      Hello and welcome from Delaware County!
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      Newbie from Anderson

      Hello and welcome from Delaware County!
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      Ray LaHood fined fot illegally receiving money

      I'll never forget the day Ray LaHood, during the Toyota unintended acceleration events, told the nation that their Toyota vehicles were unsafe and they should not drive them and take them to the dealer. Everyone nationwide working as a service advisor, assistant service manager or service...
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      Greenfield gun show

      Prices have gone up for sure. I observed, but didn't purchase, .380 reloads for $70.00 for a box of 50. That was the most mind blowing thing I saw. The $1500.00 bone stock Ruger AR-556 was out there as well. I understand scarcity of supply, but wow!
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      RIP Rush

      Looking back on the first time I was intrduced to his show, I was impressed. Not only by Rush but also the impression he had made on the dear friend who shared the show with me. It changed in short order what got played on my radio daily between Noon and 3 pm. The topics covered on Rush's show...
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      McConnell is not your friend

      Mitch McConnell is not your friend if you are a defender of liberty. I have no problem with holding any politician accountable for their actions. This statement in the linked article tells me that McConnell is a friend of his own political power. That friendship comes before loyalty to the...
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      Big Woods Pizza @ Taylorsville Mall

      My new favorite part of visiting that outlet mall. Really enjoyed the selection of beers and pizza.
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      I voted today.

      Glad I was contestant #20 at the 5:40 am line up. Also pleased there were no malfunctions that have popped up in other counties and states.
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      How many actually vote on issue of retaining Judges?

      I voted to retain Goff, Brown and Bradford as well.
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      Truck shopping - I HATE car buying

      I love my 3rd generation (2016 to current) Tacoma. 4th Toyota truck and my favorite so far. Fits in the garage well and is likely to last until I am tired of looking over the hood. Bonus on resale value when/if that day comes. I recommend getting the 6' bed as opposed to the standard 5'. Ive had...
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      Upgrading the Gun Safe: Which Lock?

      I have a Liberty with the mechanical combination lock. It works very well and I never worry it will fail. However, it is a cumbersome process to unlock it and I have never gotten fast at opening the safe. The near future will involve having a touch pad installed by the nearby safe dealer as my...
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      Wow. That was worth reading every word. I'm inspired to increase my training and preparedness.
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      New Guy

      Welcome from Muncie!
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      Luck retires

      I appreciate that he was playing for the love of the game. Of course he was well compensated. The pressure of being the franchise quarterback and not being able to work without pain or doubt would be most difficult. He gave us what he could and that will have to be enough. I wish him well. Being...
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      Watch out for Evan Bayh

      While it seems Evan Bayh is a more confident, competent centristish Democrat, won't the uber lefties come for him with the long knives? He could be a sharper answer to the gaff-o-matic Biden. Is there enough of the democrat voter of the past represented in the group that will go to the polls and...
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      4x4 or not?

      The 4X4 Tundra and all others have the ability to shift into 4WD when in motion. I use my 4WD frequently on slippery roads during launch when I am most likely to lose traction and then switch it off when the need or road condition changes. The Tundra will likely have the lowest maintenance and...
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      Newbie from Derby City KY.

      Welcome from Muncie.
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      Two Words - Words prolong

      Action hero
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      X-Products CEO and wife wants more gun control

      I'll X their products off my shopping list.
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