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    1. K

      Riley Conservation Club USPSA — 03-19-2023

      Thanks Matt. Too bad Purdue can't change game plans that quickly.
    2. K

      10-16-2022 USPSA at WVPPS

      Thanks for the early notification. I was just getting ready to sign up.
    3. K

      7-17-22 USPSA at WVPPS

      I Miss That Kind of Clarity
    4. K

      6-19-22 USPSA at WVPPS

      Great weather and fun stages - ideal for my first outdoor match of the season.
    5. K

      4-17-22 USPSA at WVPPS

      Same with me.
    6. K


      What a bargain. A classifier match for only $15
    7. K

      Parabellum March 2nd

      The HHF is displayed in the app with the Hit Factor Levels (bottom left).
    8. K

      Parabellum March 2nd

      To answer your question, USPSA does not provide average scores for each classifier. Refer to page 4 of the USPSA Competition Rules for an explanation of the USPSA Classification System. It uses percentages of the High Hit Factor on file for each classifier. Your Hit Factor is compared to the...
    9. K

      USPSA at Parabellum

      You care about classification? I thought you participated for the pure joy of beating oldschool1911.
    10. K

      11-21-21 USPSA at WVPPS

      Thanks Matt, 40 degrees + rain would not be a good combination (even if there was pumpkin pie)
    11. K

      USPSA 3 October 2021 South Central Gun Club.

      Thanks for the update.
    12. K

      Carry Gun Riley Conservation Club 8-14-2021

      Click on your name in the Practiscore results. Copy your results by placing the cursor above the top row with the column headings, click and drag down until all the numbers are highlighted, then right click and copy. Paste the results into a blank worksheet, and do a little editing to get the...
    13. K


      Someone said that the service was going to be live streamed. Do you know if it was recorded and is available for viewing online?
    14. K

      07-21-2019 USPSA at WVPPS

      Like a cooling station?
    15. K

      May 16 Texas Star @ MCFG

      Too bad thunderstorms are coming through around this time.
    16. K

      Pennsylvania Bear Den Live Camera

      The PA Game Commission has a live webcam (with audio) on a bear with at least one cub. She tends to keep the cub(s) between her and the wall.
    17. K

      TX Star match 01/26 @ MCF&G

      Here is an example from January 2015. Knock the plates off of the star, and the first mini popper to fall wins.
    18. K

      USPSA 2 Dec 4X4 match at South Central Gun Club – Watch for weather updates.

      You must be referring to Stage 7 (CM 18-08). Squad 4 shot String 2 as described in the Written Stage Briefing: Engage T1-T4 from box B then engage T5-T8 from box A.
    19. K

      10-21-2018 USPSA at WVPPS

      I heard the cool kids will be in Florida for Fall Break.
    20. K

      Team Parabellum Video/Pictures First in Carry Optics division
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