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    1. Jarvitron

      Is the AR-15 Platform in .22 lr Perfect for Teaching Kids Marksmanship?

      I love my 22 AR but if I were working fundamentals I’d like to do it on a Cricket or something. Set up those fundamentals.
    2. Jarvitron

      T3X or X-Bolt ?

      Once the government is done borrowing my money me and Mr Brownells are gonna make a deal. Actually Dahlonega probably. They have several complete rifles for the same price as the barreled actions.
    3. Jarvitron

      T3X or X-Bolt ?

      If it were me between those two the T3X, I haven't heard a lot of good about the X-Bolt but lots of raves for Tikka. I am personally leaning toward a Howa instead. Since I'm pretty convinced I will end up modifying the rifle, the $150-200 cheaper Howa price tag can go into the Better Stock and...
    4. Jarvitron

      6.5 Grendel

      There's no 6ARC brass anywhere (just loaded ammo) and 6.5 Grendel brass is a one-die conversion (unlike 220 russian which I think requires fire forming). It's making me really hesitant about either cartridge as the basis of a bolt action right now, even though there's some killer deals on Howa...
    5. Jarvitron

      Controlled round feeding options?

      Oh I forgot Mausingfield
    6. Jarvitron

      Controlled round feeding options?

      LAW has one as does Defiance
    7. Jarvitron

      Building vs Buying

      Watch some Brownells videos, I know a lot of stuff got demonetized on Youtube but there's still a lot of resources about building your own upper. The biggest specialty tool you need for that is a bevblock or reaction rod. ARS are very easy and despite all the FUD about tolerance stacking, if you...
    8. Jarvitron

      Dillon 550 handloading for accuracy

      I have my 550's 223 toolhead set up as assembly only (powder fill, seater, factory crimp) and I do all my case prep on my single stage/hand prime. When I'm trying to build a load I throw/trickle and fill before I load them into the press.
    9. Jarvitron

      Ruger is proud to announce the release of the Marlin Model 336 Classic. Chambered in .30-30 Win.

      Looks pretty great to me. Did the older models have CHF barrels?
    10. Jarvitron

      So.. what are you reloading at the moment??

      69 grain RMR hpbt over Shooters World AR Plus. Just casting a wide net now and seeing what groups look like.
    11. Jarvitron

      22lr AR15 upper options

      Oh and I am a vocal enthusiast about the BetterMag adapter. Lets you use the SW 15-22 magazines instead of the CMMG. They're easier to load and LRBHO works. And yes I know I spent about twice as much as I needed to to get to "it's a 15-22 but metal".
    12. Jarvitron

      22lr AR15 upper options

      I started off with the CMMG conversion bolt and eventually upgraded to a dedicated barrel. The nice part is you just need to swap the chamber conversion part out with the dedicated collar to make it work with a dedicated barrel.
    13. Jarvitron

      A friend asked about reloading vs factory ammo...

      It’s hard to beat cheapest prices but it’s possible to half price match grade. For berm dumps and the like just grab the PMc when it’s on sale.
    14. Jarvitron

      Favorite AR Configs

      MBT-2S, geissele maritime bolt catch, a5 with a Magpul SL-K (or LWRC compact) for short ones or a2 for long ones. I like Midwest Industries handguards more than almost all the rest but I definitely have a Geissele Mk4 and it’s great (not at full price).
    15. Jarvitron

      Weapon light advice

    16. Jarvitron

      Weapon light advice

      I run a Streamlight HL-X on one and a SureFire 600DF on the other of my ARs. I have a Modlite with a PLHv2 head on it, and it is amazing. The illumination at 100 yards is not even in the same class as the others, but hesitate to use it for "SHTF" type use because it is 18650 LiPo only. The HLX...
    17. Jarvitron

      First eform 1 approved

      I mean lets be perfectly honest - it costs way more than $200 in batfe manpower to do the background check and they already have your name and the serial number of the weapon (the thing they wanted). Keep in mind there's no proof submission or post-approval inspection of engraving for current...
    18. Jarvitron

      First eform 1 approved

      I too suspect that this fishing expedition will end with a return to the previous rules, but that they'll either give an option to engrave and keep your SBR (they did get the federal registration they wanted) or retract the application and go back to braced.
    19. Jarvitron

      Scoping an AR……

      Military went with a 2.5-10x, 3-9x is way cheaper and will probably get you better glass. I have a 4-14x44 Primary Arms and it's a little long for my 18". Been wanting a Swampfox 2-12x Kentucky Long.
    20. Jarvitron

      Franford Arsenal X-10 in stock at Midway

      In case anybody else has been waiting for this to go in stock I just got my email. Midway Franford Arsenal X-10
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