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      Al Roker - Taxi driver snub was racially motivated

      How does these 1,000 waiters ascertain that a certain person is Jewish rather than your generic white, or someone is a foreigner from Canada rather than a Minnesotan who talks a little funny? I don't think I can tell. Or is this just a chart of the prejudices of 1,000 waiters?
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      Al Roker - Taxi driver snub was racially motivated

      I don't have the link handy, but they found the taxi driver, who is Bangladeshi. He says he just didn't see Roker. On the other hand, he has a record of skipping black passengers. He was fined for that, and now he stands to receive a bigger fine a suspension of his license. I don't know why...
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      Eagles of Death Metal interview

      In this interview, one of the band members said that so many people died in the attack at Bataclan because people wouldn't abandon their friends, and because people attempted to shield their friends. This is in line with a video I saw (not in the link below): people who escaped actually ran back...
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      Syrian Refugees

      You're really reading things that aren't there. At no point did I say we should stop trying to counter terrorists. In fact, I started with the opposite in the first sentence -- we need to focus on how to stop terrorists. Also, at no point did I "call for admitting these people." I'm not sure...
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      Syrian Refugees

      If you want to stop the terrorists from getting into the US, then the question to ask is how to stop them from coming here. With professional forgers, training, and money, they have been able to get inside the US even without the refugee program. For example, those 911 guys didn't come as...
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      If the Parisians were carrying...

      You can do a quick search yourself and you'll find the facts confirmed by major news sources.
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      If the Parisians were carrying...

      In support of "this is a tool, I am the weapon idea" -- ISIS also attacked Beirut, with many casualties. One unarmed man named Adel Termos saved many people by tackling a suicide bomber. His self-sacrifice deserves respect and acknowledgement. Beirut: The Terrorist Attack the Media Ignored...
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      If the Parisians were carrying...

      Gingrich thinks that some good guys with guns could have stopped the terrorist attack in Paris: Newt Gingrich faces criticism for controversial take on Paris... | What do you think? Pre-planned, coordinated attacks by five men with AKs in a crowded space, with some...
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      My new (to me) 870 SBS is almost done

      Sorry. Were you able to figure it out? Cuz if you can't, and nobody can help you, and if you can find them, perhaps you can hire... THE A-TEAM!!! [play the music in your head]
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      My new (to me) 870 SBS is almost done

      If you need to prepare for the sort of fight where you will exhaust the ammo in your magazine, on the side saddle of the receiver, and on the side saddle of the stock (maybe a total of 17 rounds), and perhaps what's in your backup pistol; where you will have a chance to put on some sort of vest...
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      Amish man sues to buy firearm without photo ID in gun rights, religious freedom

      I thought the Amish embraced the philosophy of non-violence and pacifism??? Why would an Amish want a gun?
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      Seattle taxing gun owners to pay for gun violence!

      It would be funny if it weren't true. There are tons of law school grads who are having trouble finding a job that will let them dig themselves out of the deep pit of debt.
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      Seattle taxing gun owners to pay for gun violence!

      The companion law requires reporting of lost or stolen firearms. It's great that we'll finally have some statistics about boating accidents!
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      I am in need of a handgun safe

      I agree with you -- you have to look at the overall picture. But did your safe come with warning about what it can and cannot do, how it should and should be installed? That'd make a difference for me. It would suck if we spend endless hours debating firearm quality, but are completely...
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      EEOC awards Muslim truck drivers who would not deliver beer

      I used to drive for a trucking company that made us drink all the alcohol we transported. It was really hard to make our delivery.
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      I am in need of a handgun safe

      Careful! It looks like a lot of the safes commonly available in stores have flawed designs and are easily crackable within seconds: Are most handgun safes garbage? Fort Knox seems to be an exception, though.
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      Oregon County voting to disregard background checks

      Is it just me, or does it sound like they'll shoot themselves in the foot? So the county isn't voting to disregard or nullify background checks. The proposal just says the county cannot pay for the state-mandated background check, but that doesn't mean in that county you can legally purchase a...
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      Carrying a "hassle"?

      You're carrying a hassle? It must be a Glock. Set up to a 1911!
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      Loud Music Trial

      Same here. I'd like to think that some of that rubbed off on her son.
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      New Yorker article comparing mass shooting to mob psych.

      Let me repay you the favor from earlier yesterday:
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