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      Read This Research Before Using Chemicals On Your Lawn or Garden Chemical Lawncare - Pesticides and Herbacides cause cancer - Lymphoma linked to Roundup: glyphosate There's alternatives. . .here's one, just weed-in the clover. I've done this and works well. Miniclover Perennial White Clover...
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      EMP projects

      1989 blackout caused by solar flare. It lasted only 12 hours but demonstrates the reality and power of geomagnetic storms... NASA - The Day the Sun Brought Darkness
    3. gage

      Solar flare incoming!!!

      Compare earthquake activity during low and high solar weather activity... Observations suggests there is a reasonable correlation with increased earthquakes and solar activity (M2 flares +). Regardless this was a spectacular explosion (larger than our planet)... Video: Huge explosion on sun -...
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      Happy Birthday Fenway!

      Blessings and Congratulations!
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      Does Anyone Have Experience using LaTeX (typesetting system)?

      Thank you fellow LaTex appreciator! This system is quite ingenious and I'm hoping to hasten my learning curve, but already working with microsoft word seems rather silly in comparison. I'll probably be contacting you in a couple of weeks for you expertise. Other wise I've figured everything out...
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      Does Anyone Have Experience using LaTeX (typesetting system)?

      Thank you. I'm slowly figuring it out but wish I the time spent was more on my research and not so much on formatting stuffy stuff.
    7. gage

      Does Anyone Have Experience using LaTeX (typesetting system)?

      I'm learning LaTeX for writing up my dissertation. Does anyone have experience with working with LateX? If so would you be interested in helping me format in exchange for either money or ammo? There is already a template available from Purdue, but I want to make some minor modifications to...
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      water treatment by distilling

      Agreed on the testing but imagine that the quality (absence of pesticides, insecticides, undesirable chemicals etc) might be seasonal so would see the benefit of testing more than once through the year. Does anyone have a good...
    9. gage

      1974 Honda 550~Four – Old school Café Racer build

      SweeT ! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work.
    10. gage

      24 hours from now

      :yesway: Bubbles's favorite band too! Must watch episode btw
    11. gage

      Can I get some clarification on what's going on with the nuke reactors?

      BBC News - What is happening in quake-stricken Japan nuclear plant?
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      INGO Cycling Jersey -- PreOrder

      Excellent design! Count me in for one Lars.
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      People with -1 for a private sale

      Rank by views. It pulls up the -1 fast...not all but that's one way to expedite searching
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      So, What Are You Buying With Your Tax Refund?

      investing in silver
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      Picture Game!

    16. gage

      Picture Game!

    17. gage

      Rep Pyramid

      all the rep I have for the day has been discharged without delay. When recharged will return to play until then reps away
    18. gage

      Any suggestions for getting my daughter-n-law more comfortable with guns?

      Merrixs, sounds like you're doing great showing her the ropes and reps for patience and getting involved. Your interest and investment is encouraging her to improve her skills and will likely be key to finding what works for her plus you are adding life long good memories. Keep up the greatness.
    19. gage

      Wow, someone in the media who really says how it is...

      Thank you for posting this. I've been thinking about the limits of balancing the quality of life (personal freedoms) with structuring an ordered society. There seems to be an inverse correlation with population density and individual freedom.
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      Picture Game!

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