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    1. markiemark

      List Your 10mm

      I have a Glock 40, recoil is almost non-existent due to its size. However, that is a drawback as its a large pistol. Enjoy shooting it even with heavier loads, and with a good holster it isnt too bad to carry owb.
    2. markiemark

      Some Remington nylon bolt guns. NFS just show and tell.

      That is a nice collection, dont see as many of them now as i used too!
    3. markiemark

      9mm AR barrel

      I have a ballistic advantage 5inch barrel thats been reliable/accurate. It is around $100 right now on there website. Ive heard good things about Spinta Precision 9mm barrels too but no personal experience. They seem to have one in stock for around $80 checking the website.
    4. markiemark

      Need carry recommendations for the wifey

      My wife likes to carry the ruger ec9, nut also liked the m&p shield. I like she can shoot a 9mm but most important to me is she likes the gun and can shoot it well. If was a 22lr she liked then that would be it. If she doesn’t like to carry it then she likely wont want to carry it very often. I...
    5. markiemark

      Who carrys the big guns still?

      Ive carried my Glock 40 out a couple times. Love how flat it shoots and wear it working outside and for the occasional quick trip into town if its on me.
    6. markiemark

      Uppers receivers

      I agree with the areo blems, gotten several and only find a very small blem on one or two. Been happy so far with their products. Trying to find anything in stock is tough right now. I am on several email lists along with groups on Reddit which helps notify when things are back in stock. Even...
    7. markiemark

      Two words - Words abound

      Finger food
    8. markiemark

      Suppressor Cross-reference

      It seems pew science has tried to put together data based on testing to help outline the performance from their testing. They seem to have quite a bit of table top data and a growing range of tests. For more details or options I like to use Silencershop to compare as they have a table at the...
    9. markiemark

      Vortex refurbs are live.

      No problem Alan, always appreciate you bringing these to market and your great service on what you sell!
    10. markiemark

      Mashburn Arms M1905

      Good deal, might be able to get me two boxes of 9mm :laugh:. The craftsmanship is pretty neat, it has alot of character along with some nicks. The scope mount bases look unique though so I might have to look a bit to find them. Never shot 250 savage before and looking forward to it!
    11. markiemark

      Mashburn Arms M1905

      I have been trying to find details about this rifle I was recently gifted, but not finding alot out there. Figured I might have the best luck here. It has Mashburn Arms on the barrel and appears to be in .250 Savage. Looks like a mauser action, with a model M1905 on top? Also has a set of double...
    12. markiemark

      New coyote rifle

      Great looking setup! Im considering another ir illuminator as well for my wraith. It does well but would like something rechargeable.
    13. markiemark

      Fanny pack

      I just purchased two of the lapg frunk packs. They had a 15% sale going on. Will follow up with how they work out.
    14. markiemark

      Odd things that you keep for no reason

      The way 2020 is going you might want to start that up again lol.
    15. markiemark

      Odd things that you keep for no reason

      For some reason i keep 22 lr brass from the range. Thinking i may use it to try my hand at making 223 bullets but who knows if that will happen. Being on a small farm I always keep any hardware I can pull off of old appliances or furniture. Have used some of it but not sure its worth the...
    16. markiemark

      Vulcan 50 bullpup

      I’m jealous :bow: you’ve had some gems !! I only have a BA50 now but hope to have a M82A1 one day!
    17. markiemark

      Vulcan 50 bullpup

      I have heard alot of issues with then as well and would be a bit weary of them. There are some “affordable” options being made by Safety Harbor firearms and Serbu.
    18. markiemark

      Two Words - Words Continued

      Dye pack
    19. markiemark

      Two Words - Words Continued

      working extra
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