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    1. Pj49

      WTS: Portable air conditioner

      Portable A/C unit only used once... need garage space lol 180 obo
    2. Pj49

      WTS: Fishing rods for sale

      Bump, make an offer
    3. Pj49

      WTS: Fishing rods for sale

      Im selling two fishing rods and one reel, 1. 7'1 medium kistler KLX feel and reel crankbait rod 140.00 2. A brand new 7ft KVD lews medium all purpose finesse spinning rod with a matching lews KVD 400 reel new in box spooled with braid 200.00 or 100.00 each
    4. Pj49

      WTS: Sold 1500 762x39mm rds

      Have 1,500 762x39mm rds for sale tula,wolf and red army standard 500.00
    5. Pj49

      WTS: Sold Ak-47 mags and drum

      I have ak mags and a drum for sale... 13 30rd steel mags ( most new in bags, a cpl loaded) 2 40 rd mags 1 75rd drum Would rather not separate all for 260
    6. Pj49

      WTS: Sold Atlantic Arms Polish AK-47 mags and ammo... rifle only sale pending

      Sale pending on rifle ammo and mags still available
    7. Pj49

      WTS: Sold Atlantic Arms Polish AK-47 mags and ammo... rifle only sale pending

      Wanting to sell my Atlantic arms Polish AK-47 with all my mags and ammo Atlantic Polish AK (never fired) 13 30 round mags (mostly bulgarian new in bags) a couple loaded 2 40 round mags 1 75 rd drum 1500 rounds of 762x39mm mixed Tula,wolf and red army standard comes with a s&w mp soft case, two...
    8. Pj49

      WTS: Ruger 10/22 sporter

      selling my Ruger 10/22 sporter in great shape barely fired comes with 4 25 rd mags (2 ruger BX-25, 1 shooters ridge loaded and 1 Ram line also has the little one... has custom sights also have the originals with it. comes with a ruger 10/22 soft case asking 400.00
    9. Pj49

      WTS: DDI Underfolder

    10. Pj49

      WTS: DDI Underfolder

      Bump, price drop to 1000... will add two loaded mags
    11. Pj49

      WTS: DDI Underfolder

      DDI AK-47 underfolder brand new condition, never fired as far as i know. rifle only (can work out a deal with mags or ammo) i have another AK but could work out something with extra mags and ammo... for some odd reason i cant pull the pics off of my phone... send me a pm and i can send em in a...
    12. Pj49

      WTB: AK 47 or AR 15 IN 762X39

      Looking for a second AK or an AR in 762x39 looking for something for 1000 or less pm me and let me know whatcha got...thx for reading
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