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    1. Christow19

      Anybody bought a gun in 2023?

      Just bought a Sig P365… for $300 :) I’d say I got a decent deal
    2. Christow19

      What gun would you buy with $500?

      Just bought one yesterday and it’s an awesome gun. So smooth
    3. Christow19

      Can’t post or comment after 50?

      Thanks Tex it’s all working now
    4. Christow19

      Can’t post or comment after 50?

      Does this take time for it to process after you have 50 post for you to be able to comment on classifieds and or comment on restricted forums? Thanks
    5. Christow19

      What gun stuff did you buy today?

      Awesome! Thanks for the link
    6. Christow19

      What gun stuff did you buy today?

      Really? I guess I’m ignorant, never had really bought ammo online. Does it ship directly to your address? If so do you have any recommendations on where to get it
    7. Christow19

      First Time Hunter

      I started deer hunting from just shooting paper and it worked well for me. If you don’t want to hunt squirrels and aren’t keen on eating them then don’t do it. Yes it may give you a since of what is to come with deer hunting but if you have your mind set to deer hunt, and you make the...
    8. Christow19

      Instead of Eating Out

      Chicken cheese and rice for me. Love getting it at the local Mexican restaurant but it is always packed out and there are days it’s just better to do it ourselves. Cheaper too!
    9. Christow19

      What gun stuff did you buy today?

      Bought boxes of 9mm and 223. Paid 17.89 a box for 9mm. Relish the days when it was only 8 dollars a box
    10. Christow19

      Glock Alternatives

      Shoot what you can afford to be honest. The Dagger seems to be making waves and it is a cheap option. It really all depends on preference and what your budget is.
    11. Christow19

      M&P 22

      My father owns one and raves about it. He loves the feel of it and says it feeds any ammo. Seems it’s hard to beat the little thing
    12. Christow19

      .410 KSG…

      I am as well. I honestly love a good .410. I know it’s not as popular or practical as say a 12 gauge but they’re just fun guns. And Kel-Tec is one of my favorite companies. Very innovative
    13. Christow19

      2023 NRA Convention

      I can’t wait to go! Last time it was here I was able to go and loved to see all the guns and got a lot of free hats. Diamondback booth actually gave me a free magazine for my DB9! Look forward to it
    14. Christow19

      Will Memphis Burn? Man Allegedly Beat to Death, Five Memphis PD Officers Fired

      Put some security on the Target stores in the are Sad that people think riots just mean they can loot stores and steal whatever they want. Terrible time we live in
    15. Christow19

      Kahr Arms thought INGO?

      That was always my biggest draw to them, the steel frames. They just feel really well made in the hand and you can tell they are quality guns
    16. Christow19

      Kahr Arms thought INGO?

      Yes I agree. I was talking to someone and they had the same thought. People look to the bigger capacities and discard Kahr as an option. Which is a shame considering their quality. It would be nice to see them dabble in the compact game with a high mag capacity
    17. Christow19

      Concealed Carry Traffic Stop

      Not required in Indiana but I feel like if I have it on me where it could be seen then I will inform. If concealed, which mine always is, then I will only inform if asked or have to get out of the vehicle for whatever reason
    18. Christow19

      Ban gas stoves?

      Yep, that sounds about right. The hypocrisy of people kills me. And you cannot argue with unreasonable people. I am glad to have open discussion about subject like this and present facts and data, but to people like this, there is nothing that will help. They have blinded themselves and...
    19. Christow19

      Ban gas stoves?

      There has to be some kind of ploy to this. There is no way this will ever be enforced. What I have learned in years past is that things like this are always a ploy for a reaction or a distraction while something else goes in affect. We shall see
    20. Christow19

      I'm done with the Republican Party.

      I will not try to convince you otherwise. Without a doubt this goes on in all parties but it’s not what the Republican Party stands for. I will vote for men died for that right to be given to me but will do so informed on who will represent us the people and put us first. If there is such a...
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