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    1. mike45

      The Funny Picture/Video Thread, 14th Edition: Ketchup Farts, Dog Sneezes and Misspelled Tattoos

      Oh no you wont, that there trap aint even set.
    2. mike45

      Chicago Bears buy Arlington Track. Chicago STILL paying off upgrades to Soldier Field.

      On July 21, 1956, one of the most remarkable races in NASCAR history took place at Soldier Field. The race, won by rising star Fireball Roberts, was the only NASCAR Cup event held inside the stadium. From the late 1940s through 1968, weekly series races attracted huge crowds to the stadium.
    3. mike45

      Random Ponderings

      How does a blind man know when to quit wiping?
    4. mike45

      DeSantis: Trump is a Moron

      I ignored him the first post I read. I have no idea what he or it even posts.
    5. mike45

      OK This one is for all you old school guys.

      I am one myself. So I don't carry a credit or debit card. I use cash for anything under $200. All the rest I write checks. I pay bills with checks. When I go to the store and write a check it's like I am trying rob a bank. They want my drivers license current phone # and address. The guy ahead...
    6. mike45

      Whatever happened to....

      I am a farmer. For the first time ever we had to start fertilizing with sulfur. It has always been supplied by burning fossil fuel. In the last few years the soil tests started showing a decrees. Last year the corn was hurt by a lack of sulfur.
    7. mike45

      HVAC question for those in the biz and in the know.

      metal non insulated ac ducts in a damp crawl space or basement could be a moisture problem
    8. mike45

      Those funny moments when you realize that you just screwed up, and there is absolutely nothing you can do to fix it.

      My uncle lived in an apartment for 5 years. When he moved to a neighborhood of the same name. The apt. people didn't return his deposit, said after 5 years it was not refundable. He started taking his trash to their dumpsters to recoop his deposit. When his daughter was old enough to drive she...
    9. mike45

      Purdue woke on climate change?

      Here are just a few of the things the smartest people in the world knew for a fact. Don't question the smart people. Phlogiston a substance supposed by 18th-century chemists to exist in all combustible bodies, and to be released in combustion. Blood letting was the best medical treatment...
    10. mike45

      Purdue woke on climate change?

      This is from Based on preliminary analysis, the global average atmospheric carbon dioxide in 2020 was 412.5 parts per million (ppm for short), 412/1000000=.0004 or .04%. Man’s activities account for only 3% of the earth’s...
    11. mike45

      Impossible Burger

      A vegan is just a Shite vegetarian. Just as a crossfit trainer is a Shite gym rat. They always try to convert you. Don't ever ask them a question about it or you will be stuck for hours.
    12. mike45

      Impossible Burger

      Well I don't know why everyone has their panties in a wad over this. I am a red meat eater. I also love my veggies. What I cant get is why do they spend all the effort to take plants and veggies and turn them into meat. I am a farmer and cattleman. Let me tell you, my cows are really good at it...
    13. mike45

      Favorite TV shows growing up?

      My 3 sons. lassy. dennis the mennis. get smart. andy griffith ba ba black sheep.
    14. mike45

      2022 Official Gratuitous Grilling/BBQ/Cooking Thread

      Smoking some beef short ribs.
    15. mike45

      The Funny Picture Thread Part 12; A Whole Dozen-SCRAMBLED

      I see what you did there. They really measure 0.224. But still funny.
    16. mike45

      Daylight Saving Time

      I am a farmer with livestock. The time a clock says matters not to my cows. I go to work 1 hour before daylight every day. Please leave the farmers out of this. The only time I worry about time is when I have to be with people. I would like it tho if the kids didn't get on the school bus in the...
    17. mike45

      Pickup truck rust proofing, what works?

      CRC Marine HD Corrosion Inhibitor They use it on salt water boats. I used it on my new truck last year. It acts like cosmoline.
    18. mike45

      Those with propane heat

      When I am drying corn, I use 800 gal/day. I locked in at $1.54/ gal for 5500 gal. If I don't use it all I pay$0.05 on the unused. By the way I have a natural gas well that supplies gas for 3 homes and my farm shop. The well cant keep the dryer going for more than a few hours.
    19. mike45

      The Funny Pic Thread pt 11 "Si vis pacem, para bellum"

      FRY FRY FRY not saute.
    20. mike45


      I had the same thing. Found Folgers Black Silk. Tastes great, no acid.
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