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    1. libertybear

      WTS: 1998 Mitsubishi Galant ES

      Car runs and drives and is listed on other sites for $800, INGO price is $600 This car was purchased by my daughter when she was 16 (2 years ago) and she has driven it regularly since then up until she got a new car last week. In that time the only trouble we had was the thermostat. It is 20...
    2. libertybear

      Any tips to remove mailbox pole?

      Look I didn't want to be the one to tell you this but it looks like nobody else will. You are just going to have to move and make sure the new home has a mailbox pointing in the desired direction.
    3. libertybear

      Ranch Revelations

      It has come to my attention and now I am fully aware that a bologna sandwich is not complete without ranch dressing. Who knew running out of mayo would be so enlightening? No pics at this time, it was too good and I devoured it.
    4. libertybear

      What are we fighting for?

      We need to be fighting but we don't need to fight each other. We need clear and defined goals and objectives. What do WE want to fight for? There are many gun owners here on INGO and we may not all have the same views or the same beliefs but surely there is some common ground between us and...
    5. libertybear

      Howdy Y'all!

      Welcome back, I spent several years away myself but never thought of a reintroduction.
    6. libertybear

      Pro-2A Rally - in the works APRIL 14

      Message sent on "how to DL" There is software you can use to edit "break up" the video after you DL it. Maybe someone can recommend one I can't because I don't use the same operating system as you.
    7. libertybear


      Welcome to INGO!!! The "rules" are pretty good here in Indiana.
    8. libertybear

      Indianapolis 2A Rally: 14 April

      200 W. Washington St
    9. libertybear

      Help me choose a city in South Central Indiana.

      Depending on if you will be renting or buying may have an impact on location. Rents can vary greatly between towns. Either way if you want me to email you some properties so you can start to get an idea let me know. If you plan on renting I can email properties with rent prices too but they get...
    10. libertybear

      Pro-2A Rally - in the works APRIL 14

      I contacted WTHR and this was their reply...
    11. libertybear

      Happy Friday the 13th...

      Friday the 13th is always better than Monday the whatever.
    12. libertybear

      CIVIL RELIGIOUS DISCUSSION: All things Christianity

      I have sent you a message, I know good churches in all those locations.
    13. libertybear

      Dog Pics

    14. libertybear

      Are you for hire? Post your expertise / services here!

      I am a Realtor in central Indiana, I work with buyers and sellers and would be happy to give INGO discounts on my commission for sellers. I am also working part time with a great company that offers many different financial services and products, insurance, etc.
    15. libertybear

      WTS: easton corbin tickets for tonight

      I have tickets for $7 a piece... its $12 at the door.
    16. libertybear

      INGO Prayer Chain

      Pray for Kelly Funk
    17. libertybear

      Ford 5 speed manual transmission

      I am looking for a working 5 speed for my 88 F150. I think mine has a problem with the linkage or the fork or something I am not sure. I don't work on transmissions but I can change one out pretty quick. I figure if I can find one cheap I could swap it out and then tear the one I pull apart and...
    18. libertybear

      Bluegill as Bait legal?

      Asian Carp 53 lb. 8 oz. White River, Pike Duane Stafford 2000 Common Carp 43 lb. 4 oz. Pike Lake, Kosciusko Russell Long 1989 Grass Carp 65.2 lb. Private pond, Morgan David Hughes 2002 Silver Carp 15 lb. 8oz. West Fork White River, Greene Daniel Keller 2003
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