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    1. Aszerigan

      -1 TacticalPew

      That customer better buy a lottery ticket because they already won.
    2. Aszerigan

      Week 11 - Dead Air Ghost-M, $60 off

      Last Day of the Ghost-M promo.
    3. Aszerigan

      WTS: Ruger 10/22 Rifle - Integrally Suppressed

      Integrally suppressed 10/22 - Huntertown Arms Fusion T-22 Barrel. I've had no issues with this barrel, feeds well, shoots quietly, and quite accurate. On a new Ruger stainless receiver, Tandemkross Bolt w/ large charging handle. Hogue overmold stock, very comfortable to carry and shoot...
    4. Aszerigan

      Pistol custom frame work

      Gucci Glock playas got stacks. :rolleyes:
    5. Aszerigan

      The Sun,Moon and Stars and Universe aligned last week (for me)

      Like stealing your sweatshirt. It's her's now. Lol
    6. Aszerigan

      Liability question?

      I had a reverse situation once. I went to a dealer in Illinois to buy powder. They asked me for my FOID card and, being an Indiana resident, I told them I didn't have one. He said, "Oh, Indiana, you're good," and promptly sold me the powder. Was it legal? I don't know, but if it goes one...
    7. Aszerigan

      The Sun,Moon and Stars and Universe aligned last week (for me)

      It's nice to have a wife that's on the same page. My wife never questions when I buy a new firearm because we fully support each others' hobbies. I never question her when she buys more plants. It's a great situation for both of us. I do keep detailed spreadsheets though so if I ever go...
    8. Aszerigan

      Week 11 - Dead Air Ghost-M, $60 off

      Week 11 - Dead Air Ghost-M in 45ACP, Usually $859, now $799. This week only. The Ghost measures an appealing 8.75” and weighs a mere 12 ounces. On the other hand, the compact version is 6.2” long and only 9.6 ounces light. Available in black and FDE. Check it out HERE.
    9. Aszerigan

      WTS: CCI 500 Small Pistol Primers

      Still have some available, and a few CCI 300s too.
    10. Aszerigan

      Depriming live primers.

      Correct, I should have said they won’t be reliably usable. And please wear eye pro.
    11. Aszerigan

      Depriming live primers.

      From experience, you absolutely CAN ship primed brass via UPS. It’s not considered hazmat. I know we’re just voices on the internet but I’m 110% sure that’s correct. Done it many, many times.
    12. Aszerigan

      Depriming live primers.

      The only way I could figure - hydraulically. Fill the case with water and find a dowel the size of the case neck and a hammer. Drop the dowel into the case and hit it. Primers should pop out. They won’t be usable afterward though. How many cases and what caliber? Depending on where you...
    13. Aszerigan

      My chicken coop - work in progress

      We used to let our chicken roam free. We have 21 acres of wooded property with foxes, hawks, etc. Twice we’ve lost all of our flock at once during daylight hours, 25-30 birds each time. We don’t let them free range anymore. They have a 35x60 run behind the coup that they stay in during the...
    14. Aszerigan

      New ways to buy INGO Shirts

      Looking forward to more details !
    15. Aszerigan

      +1 billybob44

      @billybob44 He still owes me a roll of quarters.
    16. Aszerigan

      Ingo lower 2023 builds

      The SOT - It's like Amazon Prime for NFA, but it costs $500-$1000 per year.
    17. Aszerigan

      Ingo lower 2023 builds

      Yes. Form 1 - Individual to Manufacture: 21-45 days Form 2 - Dealer Manufacture - 1-5 Days Form 3 - Dealer to Dealer Transfer - 5-14 Days Form 4 - Dealer to Individual - F*ck if I know these days.
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