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    1. gregkl

      S&W shield plus

      My experience exactly. I also use the Uplula.
    2. gregkl

      S&W shield plus

      It feels like the spring is completely compressed and bottomed out with that last round
    3. gregkl

      S&W shield plus

      I can get 13 rounds in but it's tight and you really have to slam it hard to get it to seat in the pistol. And 13 + 1 is even tougher it seems. I have been leaving my mags fully loaded since I got it with the hopes they will loosen up some. That is the one thing I'm not crazy about with the...
    4. gregkl

      S&W shield plus

      On my third Shield. Still have a 2.0 and a Plus model. I went from a snubby to my first Shield. Owned, shot and carried it for years then decided to sell it. I immediately regretted it so I bought the 2.0, this time without a thumb safety. Then when the Plus came out, I though I may as...
    5. gregkl

      Classic Car Pics. Yours not yours, all things cool or not so cool.

      A big block was a stretch for these but a small block dropped right in. Fit nicely. Rumor was the car was designed to hold a small block. Not sure if it's true.
    6. gregkl

      What do you think would be the best red dot sight for the Smith & Wesson FPC 9 mm carbine?

      I would probably put a MRO on one if I had a FPC. Mostly because I already have the MRO.
    7. gregkl

      God's voice

      Words I need right now.
    8. gregkl

      Old Fart Newbie

      Welcome from a fellow who also lives in Bloomington but not from Bloomington. If you have a tough time finding like minded people around here, I am available at times for a cup of coffee or a beer and to talk firearms and/or reloading. Though I don't load rifle... I'm older than some here...
    9. gregkl

      Riley Carry Gun 4-8-2023

      I was going to sign up but just was told yesterday that in 90 days my job will end. So no spending money until I have something lined up. Looks like you guys are getting good participation! Carry on!
    10. gregkl

      WTB: Wood for my Utility Trailer Deck

      I'll bump this a few times until I buy lumber locally or I irritate enough of you due to bumping incessantly, lol. Thanks.
    11. gregkl

      -1 TacticalPew

      Hopefully it will get worked out. This is why I won't deal with people, even on INGO, that don't have a history with us. Just not worth the grief.
    12. gregkl

      The Official Hot Rod Thread - Part 4: Burnouts for Distance

      That should be a blast to drive! Nice. Manual trans improves anything as far as I'm concerned.
    13. gregkl

      List your shooters: Part VI

      And you get a report...and you get a report...
    14. gregkl

      List your shooters: Part VI

      Sorry about that! :)
    15. gregkl

      M&P Shield Ez 2.0

      Yeah, I won't rack my slide on anything, I just mentioned it. I am typically careful with me stuff overall. For some things I have to remind myself to use a little force like hitting the bolt release on an AR vs gently pushing it. I did a few reps today. It's a little strange feeling to me...
    16. gregkl

      WTB: Wood for my Utility Trailer Deck

      Before I just go to the big box and buy some lumber to re-deck my utility trailer I am throwing this out in case someone here has some wood laying around that might work. I am looking for 11 pieces of 2x8x12' boards. I could do 2x6's but I would need more than 11 naturally. Pressure treated...
    17. gregkl

      Sensible AR upgrades???

      I went through this a couple years ago when I decided to "optimize" my firearms. I went too far but it is what it is now. As far as my AR, I replaced my Anderson upper and lower with Aero's M4E1 stuff. I replaced a Leapers handguard with the Aero Quantum handguard. I replaced a Leapers fixed...
    18. gregkl

      M&P Shield Ez 2.0

      I will play around with tilting the pistol inboard to rack with an overhand grasp. Providing that is what you mean by "inboard". I have been told before that about loosening the dot by grabbing it. I have a hard time thinking that is a reality when the recoil of the slide when firing is much...
    19. gregkl

      **Get Your Ammo Here----2nd Edition**

      I’ll wait until the credit card flips and make another buy on some 124-ish grain stuff.
    20. gregkl

      M&P Shield Ez 2.0

      I was using my support hand to drop the slide on two of my pistols. Worked great. Then I bought a pistol where I couldn't. So I was losing time dropping the slide one way and another depending on the pistol. I have gone back to overhanding everything. And with most of my pistols having a red...
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