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    1. O

      Pentagon Tracking Suspected Chinese Spy Balloon Over the US

      There is a Chinese spy ballon floating over our country and we do nothing! Maybe there is a nuke hidden in it?????????? I just cant believe we sit here and let it happen,WTF. This country is in big trouble,something very bad is going to happen. It is only a matter of time.
    2. O


      I have had a shoebox for 15 years. Works great but sadly they closed shop and no parts/rebuild kits available. I use it to fill my four fire fitter tanks. Best purchase I made,but there will be a time it needs replaced.
    3. O

      Hunter Biden

      When is the FBI going to raid Hunters house? We all know whats been going on with the documents and a blind man can see whats been done with these! They have put our country at risk for their own gain. This has to be stopped and corrected!
    4. O

      New BATF ruling on stabilizing braces today

      We will fall because of the lack of balls!
    5. O

      Any INGo Mantis X Groups?

      I bought a laser cartridge off of amazon($30) and use the free g sight program on my phone. Works great for alot cheaper. Basically dry fire and you can see where your shots go.
    6. O

      Military force against Mexican drug cartels

      Its really simple. If I where president,I would bomb the cartels. Take control of 20 miles on their side of the boarder,cross the 19 mile line you die! Total all out war with them. But with who we got running our country,we better practice tying his shoes!
    7. O

      Biden's Secret Documents

      He has NEVER EVER told the truth! He is the Biggest lier I have ever seen. LIE,CHEAT,and STEAL!
    8. O

      Will We Ever Know The Truth About The Election? Still Hiding Everything...

      I know the truth and so do you! Open your eyes,look around at whats happening. There is no doubt about it and there is only one way to stop it. But everyone is in disbelief and will sink with the ship. Back in the day men where men,now men are women.
    9. O

      New BATF ruling on stabilizing braces today

      So I can register my stripped ar lower to a sbr for free? HMMMMMMMMM
    10. O

      New FN 10mm and 45 handguns

      NO! Trigger is trash! Wouldnt own a POS for that reason.
    11. O

      Biden's Secret Documents

      You just have to rub it in that you have a garage! lol
    12. O

      McCarthy loses Speaker vote 3 times…

      Im not sure there isnt a donkey speaker on the ballot now! One is representing Cali and the other NY. Pretty sad the other Cali guy wont vote for Mccarthy! I mean if you take a vote and win by one,didnt the majority rule? Think how much money this clown show is costing WE THE PEOPLE! We have...
    13. O

      McCarthy loses Speaker vote 3 times…

      What a joke this all is! This just makes our party even look stupider! Why not just vote and the one with the most votes win,even though I dont like either one of these jerks.
    14. O

      McCarthy loses Speaker vote 3 times…

      Well it looks like SpongBob Square Pants has a chance!
    15. O

      Predator hunting…. Here we go…..

      Wildlife technologies smokes the competition! Dont listen to the foxpro leg humpers! There is a reason Marty Stouffer uses them! Real sounds that produce. Believe what you want,I have had them all and Im telling you what the berries is. Do foxpros work,yes alittle but the WT will out produce day...
    16. O

      South Bend to start using facial recognition cameras.

      He knows alot about transportation,he has been rear ended a time or two!
    17. O

      Plastic Composite pistol from In the line of fire.

      Isnt that the first glock prototype?
    18. O

      Pistol in 9mm with a red dot and threaded barrel?

      Yes I have been a reloader for 40+ years. But if you where not hoarding stuff,buying stuff at todays prices really cost lots more. I have bricks of primers that have the price tag on them and lets just say it was under $9.99 per 1000. lol
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