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      Illinois High Capacity Mag & Firearm Ban

      This bag-full-of-crap Pritzker trying to ban guns, while his cousin is pushing children mutilations. Different butt-ugly heads of the same hydra.
    2. V

      Mike Pence has secret documents now.

      He’s just trying to look presidential! All the big boys are doing it. And remind everyone he’s still alive and possibly running in the 2024.
    3. V

      POLITICAL pictures - Funny (unlikely), Sad (more likely) Infuriating (most likely)

      Heck, last week me and Mrs went to see a show at IU auditorium. It was weird. We both went to the freakiest of the state schools on the West Coast, and not that long ago, but the level that kids are flying the freak flag nowadays is astounding. We whispered to each other “what the heck is...
    4. V

      Vaccines and stuff: Pt 2

      If you could please follow me down this rabbit hole :) There are several reasons ChiComs would want this in their own country: their economy is shifting from mass low skill labor, and they have a lot of old people. Release a virus that culls the old and the sick, while leaving the working...
    5. V

      New GSD day

      Handsome pup from a great lineage! The floppy ears are so fun, while they are still little :).
    6. V

      Pantie faced robber subdued by 3 armed customers

      That’s the last whiff of that for a couple years for the guy. Same last name, lady is mentioned as “partner”. Hoping very very much it’s his wife and not a sister, but this being GA, who knows…
    7. V

      Shannon Watts retires from Moms Demand

      That little twerp claims to be a “survivor” without even being at the school, so he can definitely claim to be a “mother” without giving birth. Petie B set precedent already.
    8. V

      To mask or not to mask....That is the question. Part II

      Wait, so that means masks are ghey? Excuse me, queer?
    9. V

      Climate Change Update........

      ;) I looked up this exact Wiki page before replying to you, just to refresh my memory. Seems both Eloi and Morlocks got small, weak and dumb, so yes, could read it either way.
    10. V

      Indiana "Don't Say Gay" Law???

      You understand this, I understand this. To the groomers this is anathema. From reading comments on LofTT, and interacting with some of them here in Bloomington: even mention of normal family, or biological facts, sends the freaks into a tizzy because it’s hated “heteronormative”, and they...
    11. V

      Climate Change Update........

      Eloi would be the descendants of Gates and the like, who know what’s up. The masses taking advice on mating habits from NYT would eventually be the underground ones.
    12. V

      Any Brandy connoisseur's ?

      When my Dad was younger, he enjoyed his cognac and was quite a connoisseur. Didn’t buy much, but what bottles he got were quality. If he would hear that someone is mixing a noble beverage like that with Coke, he would probably get a bit chokey and stabby.
    13. V

      Climate Change Update........

      Just breeding some Morlocks, nothing to see here. (Short, weak, genderless, and stupid).
    14. V

      2023 prediction by Dmitry Medvedev

      The only semi-plausible item here (at least my wish) is Northern Ireland re-uniting with the rest of Ireland. The rest… it seems his writing goons just gave up or something, or the trade isolation cut off supply of good drugs.
    15. V

      Student Loan/401k Hybrid

      Excuse my extreme pessimism, but this is how this linking student debt, “emergency expenses” and retirement savings will play out: 1) you, responsible hard-working person, put aside your hard-earned money, denying yourself instant gratification, to grow your retirement fund, hoping for...
    16. V

      The theory of stupidity

      Very neat. “When the bandits unleash stupid people” — perfect summation of the last two years. They even installed one as president. The question is who are the bandits, and what exactly is their final goal.
    17. V


      Small child works for both gators down south and dingoes in Australia, so maybe try one for yotes?
    18. V

      Gr666mer Updates

      I was a budding red-blooded teenage boy in the mid-late 90s, with a PC and a 56k modem :). When I took classes on web design, I knew examples of all the cutting-edge developments from those naughty sites :). My generation of boys flipped hands — because the right was needed to move the mouse.
    19. V

      The Insane "Social Justice" Thread pt IV

      Strange world we are living in… When conservative men are allies with butches, while liberal women are shaming unwilling lesbians into sucking d$cks. (On a side note: in my personal experience, butch women are pleasant to work with, chat and even have beers with — they know they are women...
    20. V

      Disconnected/ outa touch

      Buddy, I personally find you much more interesting than sportsballs and lawn. Don’t share any of the hobbies with you, but having a beer or two and chatting about them sounds pretty fun. You do you, it seems you know what makes you happy and are doing it!
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