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    1. 7

      Handgun pricing.

      Not that it matters now but saw a 39 last weekend in a shop , was listed as made in 1973 , priced at $545.
    2. 7

      Marlin Future and Coming Releases

      The prices for original Marlins that aren't even collectables or that rare have gone through the roof. In 2021 sold 2 Marlins on consignment - a 1996 39AS and 1978 1894 in 44 mag. Both greatly exceeded my expectations on what they sold for. Have a 1979 39A that I have no plans of parting with...
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      Range time with 9mms

      Came close to buying a G43 not long after they came out but ended up with a Smith Shield instead. Since that time I have added a P365X and Glock 43X MOS. Both now have identical Holosun sights and I plan to have an accuracy shoot off between them once I get around to loading up some 9mm.
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      Sig P322 22LR

      Yeah I've seen his videos on his P322 leaded barrel woes. But to say ALL P322s lead the barrel is just his frustration speaking . Bought one last June and have had no barrel leading issues. The P322 has actually been remarkably reliable. Actually has a much better trigger pull than my P226 that...
    5. 7

      Anybody bought a gun in 2023?

      Waiting for my 15 month free interest credit card to show up first!
    6. 7

      Gun buying on hold

      Thought I was on hold last year and ended up buying 6 guns!
    7. 7

      .22LR Range Fun

      Pretty good shooting for a gun with such minimal sights. I don't shoot my LCP II 22lr much as its so hard to see the front sight. I wish they made it with the sights like the LCP Max. I can see the sights much better on my Max.
    8. 7

      So.. what are you reloading at the moment??

      A lot of 45 auto lately since large pistol primers is what I have most of. Mostly 185 Nosler and Zero. Hornady 200 HAP shot well in Springfield Range Officer too. 500 Zero 240 JSP arrived this week so time for some 44 Mag.
    9. 7

      The "Sig"ness- vol 1.

      In Muncie , actually had it in the back and brought it up front for me and another guy to see. He said it was listed on gunbroker but would end the listing if anyone wanted to buy it locally. I couldn't find it on gunbroker. I'll have to try that! The one annoyance of the P322 has been the...
    10. 7

      The "Sig"ness- vol 1.

      Came close to picking up an older German P226 yesterday. Very good condition and had both mags and a box but no papers/test target. The yellow box appeared to be period correct but the serial number on box did not match the pistol. I passed , at least for this time. Also had a great looking two...
    11. 7

      What gun would you buy with $500?

      The day I bought your Smith Victory I stopped by 9 Guns in Anderson and they had a P322 in the case and at the $399 price they should sell for. Of course there was no way I was not buying it!
    12. 7

      Henry’s Amazing Customer Service!

      Yeah I bought a Henry Big Boy Silver in 357 a few years ago that I had to send back. The barrel severely copper fouled. Initially Henry said it was due to firing highly velocity 125 grain 357s. A 357 is going to be high velocity in 20 inch barrel! I sent a picture and Henry immediately said the...
    13. 7

      What gun would you buy with $500?

      Probably scrap up another $100 and get a Tikka T1x 22lr. But sticking to the $500 max most of the guns in that range I really wanted I already bought like the often mentioned Sig P322. Maybe a 9mm Smith Shield Plus optics ready and then have a shoot off against my G43X and P365X.
    14. 7

      .22LR Range Fun

      I was lucky to find a great lot of Auto Match that shot exceptionally well in my 4" Ruger original series 22/45. For 20 shots at 50 yards still the best target with any any handgun/ammo combination. The next box of Auto Match after that shot nothing like the first box I had. But over the years...
    15. 7

      What's your preferred method to clean up your brass?

      Been using a Lyman 1200 for the last 35 years.
    16. 7

      The "Sig"ness- vol 1.

      Most recent Sig is this 2007 P220 Carry. A 3.9" barrel vs the 4.4" on the standard P220 is the only difference I am aware of of. Just thought it would be a neat version of the P220 to have. Trigger in both DA and SA better than my made in 2022 P226.
    17. 7

      Favorite Firearm purchase in 2022?

      Tough call for me on the 5 I bought. . Three of the gun were impulse buys - Remington XP-100 223 , Smith Victory and a 1969 Walther PPK/S 32 auto. The XP-100 and Victory were bought off INGO classifieds. The other two were SIGs , a P226 9mm to replace the P226 I regrettably put on consignment...
    18. 7

      Anyone had a 1911 trigger job performed?

      Have a Springfield Range Officer 1911 in 45 that is a great shooting pistol but would be even better with a lighter trigger. It is close to 5lbs maybe a little lighter. Was going to buy the Cylinder and Slide 3.5lb ultra match 5 pc set. C&S said I would need to replace the parts that make up...
    19. 7

      Gun cleaning frequency

      When shooting for accuracy I have never had a gun not shoot better after a good bore cleaning. Recently took my Springfield 1911 , Smith 586 and Smith 41 to the range after a good cleaning and each shot exceptionally well for me. With that said I don't do a thorough cleaning for every gun after...
    20. 7

      Glock mos screws

      I was able to mount my Romeo Zero on my G43X with the screws that came with it but had to shorten the the one on the extractor side. Just this past week decided to go with a Holosun and had to shorten the screw that came with the Holosun.
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