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    1. bcod151

      WTS: Glock 43 (SOLD)

      Selling glock 43 with tlr6, two holsters, and 5 mags total. DeSantis leather holster and a trex arms sidecar appendix holster both work with light/laser. $400 located in Laporte
    2. bcod151

      WTS: SOLD Miscellaneous knife lot SOLD

      Price drop.
    3. bcod151

      Democrats want to Legalize Marijuana

      We are surrounded by legal states time to catch up but the real problem is our carry permits should be legal in all states!
    4. bcod151

      WTS: SOLD Miscellaneous knife lot SOLD

      Selling 21 knives for $100. They are all used some more than others. No boxes. There's some gerber, steel will, kershaw, sog, buck and some cheaper ones. Any questions please message me thanks.
    5. bcod151

      "Let's Go Brandon"

      Got my back plate!
    6. bcod151

      Good idea to change trigger in carry gun?

      I wouldn't be scared to but personally I keep internals stock just cause that's what I'm used to I guess.
    7. bcod151

      Mandated vaccines or weekly testing for employers of 100+ people.......

      Test everyone or test no one! Just because you got the jab now you are above everyone else. I think not because you still can get the virus and spread the virus!
    8. bcod151

      Best EDC

      Glock 43 most of the time! Still wanting to get a glock 48 just cause no real reason why.
    9. bcod151

      Should Miley be charged with treason?

      100% should be fired and charged. Even if he didn't do it and said he would do that is enough.
    10. bcod151

      some handmade fixed blades

      Very nice! I'm drawn to the fourth one down I like it!
    11. bcod151

      another sheriff speaking truth

      He should have never been on the streets. Hopefully all the officers are ok and remain ok to much trauma can come from a situation like this.
    12. bcod151

      Mandated vaccines or weekly testing for employers of 100+ people.......

      I agree with that. I've seen so many people been bought out for very little amount. Sad
    13. bcod151

      Mandated vaccines or weekly testing for employers of 100+ people.......

      We need to have 100 million people quit and see what happends then. We already can't get people to work. Such a shame this country is in serious trouble! I should say get fired and not quit that way 100 mil collect unemployment.
    14. bcod151

      Vaccine coercion/bribery

      Vaccine mandates or regulations for the un vaccinated are about to come! Not looking forward to where this is headed.
    15. bcod151

      Pending review

      I've recently been delayed twice. Never has happened before. I was worried why when they told me the first time but it all worked out in the end with no problems besides the wait.
    16. bcod151

      The New Gaming Thread

      Very nice. Been wanting to find a ps5 im sure you are pleased. Happy Birthday!
    17. bcod151

      Motorcycle Riders?

      I agree the music that loud is disrespectful to your neighbors and if he's rev bombing. Some exhaust are loud and I understand but also there's no need to be as loud as possible in your neighborhood. I try to be as quite as possible but I know it's still pretty annoying when I roll in late.
    18. bcod151

      Shotguns, Bears and handguns oh my.

      Big fan of the .410 Shockwave with the rounds they have for them now would do some serious damage I would think. Easy to shoot but like some of the other comments I do believe a holsterd handgun might be quicker to access and get rounds off if spooked or ambushed by a bear. Or carry both lol
    19. bcod151

      To Taurus or not no Taurus...

      I vote spend the extra amount on ruger over Taurus. I found the taurus I owned to not match up in quality. Nothing major wrong or anything like that it wouldn't be a loss if you got a Taurus I personally would just spend the extra unless its a deal you can't pass up of course.
    20. bcod151

      Biggest Surprise ever

      Prayers for you and your family.
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