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      Pistol Caliber Carbine

      Can you post a picture of the feed ' ramp' ? I have an original barrel that has feed problems. I had to add a Taccom feed ramp to lower to get it to feed reliably. Thanks
    2. G

      Anderson Kiger Glock 19 Clone

      maybe, if price AND reliability were right
    3. G

      10/22 lite strike

      Appreciate all the replies. As soon as I installed new firing pin and extractor, I went in for prolonged hospital stay. Will report after I've taken it to range.
    4. G

      I wanna wheel gun!

      A Smith 60-15 pro series loaded with magnums is in my EDC rotation. More recoil than my 66, but VERY manageable
    5. G

      10/22 lite strike

      Ordered the Surestrike. I'll post if it corrects problem.
    6. G

      Woman With Guns IV

      Oh, hell yes
    7. G

      10/22 lite strike

      I have tried several brands of ammo. Don't have another rifle to swap with.
    8. G

      10/22 lite strike

      I have a ' Bicentennial ' 10/22 that is special to me. It intermittently has a somewhat light strike. I have cleaned the devil out of the bolt it has not helped. I'm looking to see what else I can do. Buying new parts isn't a problem, but don't want to replace 'this' when I should have...
    9. G

      In Memory of Our Friend, Churchmouse....

      May God bless his family and his soul
    10. G

      INGO Garage Sale / Swap Meet

      Really interested. Just need info
    11. G

      Gun safes

      Don't waste the money on what is actually just a metal cabinet
    12. G

      Holster suggestion

      Bought a Mas International paddle holster. Still breaking it in.
    13. G

      Budget pistol optic

      Even the bottom of the line Holosun is a fantastic sight.
    14. G

      Is the m&p as good as the glock?

      I'd stand in a loooooong line to get a Glock battle rifle, or even a Glock PCC.
    15. G

      Holster suggestion

      Do you see a PADDLE on that holster. Bet you don't!
    16. G

      Holster suggestion

      Doesn't have to fit 60
    17. G

      Holster suggestion

      Milt has a great history. I don't see any PADDLE holster
    18. G

      Holster suggestion

      Doesn't have one to fit 3" 60
    19. G

      Holster suggestion

      That's not a PADDLE holster
    20. G

      Holster suggestion

      I'm looking for a LEATHER paddle holster for a S&W 60 Pro Series with 3" barrel. I do not want a kydex holster. Thankx
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