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    1. ionguy

      WTS: (sold) psa 9mm upper with mags and adaptor 375

      (Sold) selling the psa complete upper i have cambered in 9mm with 5asc mags(colt style) and magwell adaptor and dagger industries sight (needs sighted in) bought and had on one of my spare lowers since as a cheaper alternative to shooting my 556 and help my son get use to shooting the ar works...
    2. ionguy

      WTS/WTT: (sold this round of them ) Magpul gen2 30round mags

      as title says i have 20(left) magpul gen 2 30round mags for sale at $10 each will ship if you pay shipping but prefer to sell in person cash is king, cashapp , or paypal also accepted
    3. ionguy

      WTS/WTT: (sold) ar lower cavalry arms 100

      used complete lower made my cavalry arms it is the fixed version was on old build sold upper no use for this anymore just taking up space it does function as should but safety sticks some unless you push it form other side before changing it i just left it on fire all the time didnt bother me...
    4. ionguy

      WTS: ar chambered in 9mm

      price drop and bump
    5. ionguy

      Handgun Show-N-Tell

      My newest addition to the collection Kimber r7 mako about 10 rounds through it and love the way it shoots have to adjust red dot some still
    6. ionguy

      WTS: ar chambered in 9mm

      cavalry arms fixed lower (unknown round count was on old build) with a complete PSA 9mm hybrid upper (only about 100rounds through) has a dagger defense red/green dot on top (just put on so not sighted in yet) also comes with 5 ASC 32rd mags functions very well was originally built for my son he...
    7. ionguy

      WTT: blp m12aa, ar15, rugar p95 wtt

      bump ar and pistol are gone now just the shotgun left
    8. ionguy

      WTT: blp m12aa, ar15, rugar p95 wtt

      bump also open to other trades aswell
    9. ionguy

      WTT: blp m12aa, ar15, rugar p95 wtt

      looking to trade a few of the guns in my safe that i have not used or have not used in a while.... main trades would be ak, sig p365 sas or possibly other, or a hellcat sds imports blp m12aa brand new dont have box anymore but has all chokes and manual i have never used it has sat in the safe...
    10. ionguy

      WTB: Walter p22 or equivalent

      hello ingo im looking to buy a walter p22 or equivalent like pistol in Elkhart county or surrounding will travel some for the right deal looking to start training son (11) on a pistol and i had one a few years back and sold it at a show
    11. ionguy

      WTS/WTT: 762x51 plastic blanks

      Got them on trade have 0 use for them have 900rounds would like to sell all or some open to offers or trade for ? or for some 223/556, 9mm, 380, or 762x39 ammo wont ship located in Elkhart, In
    12. ionguy

      Winchester model 94 chambered in 32 win

      thanks for all the information
    13. ionguy

      Winchester model 94 chambered in 32 win

      yea ive wanted to mount a scope on mine but cant bring myself to do it as my dad never did and hunted with it for several years like this iron sights so this is how ill always keep it
    14. ionguy

      Winchester model 94 chambered in 32 win

      yea my mom has on that was my grandpas(her dad) that is even nicer than mine and older
    15. ionguy

      Winchester model 94 chambered in 32 win

      yes to me it is priceless and already plan on giving it to my son when he turns 6 more years and it will be his ... im really hoping he will want to use it for dear hunting at least for a few years like i did when i first got it
    16. ionguy

      Winchester model 94 chambered in 32 win

      yea ive ran into that also with with ammo at gun shows and even local gun shop..... ive always bin able to find ammo for it at dunhams ... as far as exact year its a 1950
    17. ionguy

      New from elkhart

      thank you all ive already posted a couple things that ive bin wondering about cant wait to get some replys and more info on them
    18. ionguy

      Winchester model 94 chambered in 32 win

      Pre 57 model 94 Winchester chambered in 32 Winchester special my dad bought it brand new and gave it to me when i turned 16 im now 35 it is the only gun in my collection that will never be forsale .... but with that being said was wondering the value on it and if anyone knew of a good video or...
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