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    1. johntheplinker

      What gun stuff did you buy today?

      Bought a coke at the show today. Does that count?
    2. johntheplinker

      Ferdinand show

      Good deal, will do.
    3. johntheplinker

      Ferdinand show

      Yes, almost here! Forgot to ask, do you have a table again this year or just walking around?
    4. johntheplinker

      Is this a dog?

      Happy now? :cheers:
    5. johntheplinker

      Is this a dog?

      chupacabra, or maybe samsquatch.
    6. johntheplinker

      Anybody bought a gun in 2023?

      Picked up a Tisas Carry in 45 ACP week before last to keep the Argentine Systema I got from Mongo company. Other than a T1x Hunter I don't see many guns getting bought this year. Actually will probably have less at the end than at the beginning, going to thin out a bunch of 22's and shotguns I...
    7. johntheplinker

      Ferdinand show

      Yes, always a good turnout. I'm going to try and make it early Saturday and hang out a good chunk of the day.
    8. johntheplinker

      Ferdinand show

      The annual Ferdinand gun show is coming up soon! Jan 28th and 29th. A smaller show but usually very good, 130 tables with a wide variety. Forgot to mention, held at the Ferdinand Community Center, free parking. IIRC entrance fee is $5.
    9. johntheplinker

      2023 shed (antler) thread

      Guy I work with has found a few also. Wonder if the cold snap we had last month got them started early this year.
    10. johntheplinker


      Picked up my Tisas today. Got the Carry model, in 45 of course. Looked at a Government model last year and was impressed by the quality at the price. Went with the Carry because of the sights, 60 year old eyes and those itty bitty issue sights are not a good combo. Now to find time to punch...
    11. johntheplinker

      2023 coyote killing thread

      I've got a Foxpro, a Icotec, and a couple of mouth calls. I've thought about using an app but with my luck I'd forget to put in airplane mode and get a call right when a big one is coming in.
    12. johntheplinker

      2023 coyote killing thread

      My old favorite for use in the shrubbery.
    13. johntheplinker

      SKS type 56?

      Not a D, that used a detachable mag. Kind of hard to tell from pic but doesn't look like a M, that had a 16" barrel, referred to as a paratrooper model. Looks to me like one of the new production ones made in the 1980s and early 1990s for import into the US.
    14. johntheplinker


      I believe. Two instances stand out. First one happened in winter of 1983-84. I was pulling security for a GSR team somewhere near the town of Bad Steben in Germany. Everybody there saw several lighted orbs traveling back and forth, just sort of moseying around, over the inter German Border...
    15. johntheplinker

      2023 coyote killing thread

      +1, 2 so far.
    16. johntheplinker

      Favorite Firearm purchase in 2022?

      Yes, it is. That is my coyote rifle so it will be used mostly in the late fall and winter. Sprayed large areas forest green and earth brown then sponge painted over the top with khaki and sand. Mixed up a custom color of grey/black then used a brush to paint the limbs with a little black added...
    17. johntheplinker

      Favorite Firearm purchase in 2022?

      My favorite purchase of last year is more of modification to an old gun than a new one. Already had the lower, put a new trigger in it, bought the upper, then added some personal touches. And does it shoot!
    18. johntheplinker

      Thoughts on wear tear and scratches

      Heck, I've bought guns BECAUSE of the wear and tear! A few minor scratches, meh.
    19. johntheplinker

      Looking for a high quality 22LR w/threaded barrel.

      Plus with a factory threaded barrel you're covered if there are any issues with the threading, not to mention some companies refuse to honor their warranty if the gun has been modified.
    20. johntheplinker


      Reason I went with scheme is that they are very quiet about the fact it is no longer a US arms maker. IIRC the last US made Winchester was the Model 70, and even it is now made overseas. Maybe scheme was the wrong term to use but I was having brain lock trying to find the term I wanted to use.
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