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    1. thefinnnwi


      Yeah, I'm thinking two as well. I retired (medically) after 15 years. Body couldn't cut it anymore. Where in Japan were you?
    2. thefinnnwi

      Mike Pence has secret documents now.

      My time in service, we always had a saying. "When in doubt, stamp it out". Under classify something, and you are in trouble. Overclassify, someone just needs to manually review it for declassification. I can't count how many things I needed to be declassified from top secret to secret... or...
    3. thefinnnwi

      2nd Amendment is becoming a suicide pact

      I had the unfortunate experience of living in California for 10 months. Beautiful state, terrible people. I felt safer in Iraq than where I lived in downtown San Diego. Without a permit or heaps of paperwork, I was basically limited to a safety whistle, pepper spray or a cane for protection.
    4. thefinnnwi

      The first meeting of "The 2A Club" in Battle Ground

      Hey there, 2nd Tuesday of March I will be in the air heading back to the US, but I'm definitely interested in coming in April. - Tim
    5. thefinnnwi


      I'll definitely check these out. Looks like a good option, I'll have to see what I can find locally once I get back to NWI in March, if not this might be worth getting shipped to a FFL. Thanks! - Tim
    6. thefinnnwi


      Howdy from Japan, soon to be Lowell. Eventually looking at possibly settling in Porter once the Mrs. and I get situated.
    7. thefinnnwi


      Hello again, I appreciate everyone's input. When it comes to versatility of rounds, in the past I handloaded rifle and pistol, and I'm looking at getting into handloading shotgun when I get back to the states. That should open the door to tailored loads, plus a new hobby for me. My hobbies have...
    8. thefinnnwi


      Hey all. I'm heading back to Indiana after living in Japan since 2009. I never really hunted much growing up, but I'd like to get into it with my boys eventually. My question is this. I'm looking at a good all around gauge for a shotgun. I'd like to hunt deer mostly, but I'd like to keep the...
    9. thefinnnwi

      Survival Situation Item

      Likely a survival knife or hatchet. At first I thought about a tarp with some 550, as staying dry is important... but after that, making survival tools would be difficult without a knife or hatchet.
    10. thefinnnwi

      Hey guys

      Welcome to the board! Similar reason I came back, except I'm moving back to Indiana from Japan. I'll be teaching my boys how to shoot. Take care! - Tim
    11. thefinnnwi

      Advice for getting my parents prepped

      Just a bit of background to begin with. I live half way around the world currently, going to be for the next 3 years. My brother lives about 12 hours from Indiana, and my older brother is near by. My parents both live in a pretty good area, about 1hr from Chicago. In a survival/disaster...
    12. thefinnnwi

      Help needed in NWI

      I'm not exactly sure if this is the right place to post this, or even if I can, but it's worth a shot. If anyone watches the news, you may have seen that SPC. Vicari passed away last week in Afghanistan and his body was returned to Lowell, Indiana with an escort from the Indiana Patriot Guard...
    13. thefinnnwi

      EOTECH 557 Issues

      I purchased a EOTECH 557 from a friend (trust friend, so I know it's not broke), however I'm having issues mounting it to my S&W MP15. It won't tighten to the rail, and is really wobbly. Is there a special mount I'm missing to get it to attach? Thanks.
    14. thefinnnwi

      22lr once fired

      I'm having issues finding 22lr once fired casings. Does anyone know where I could find a good source for this online. Also, if anyone has any, I would be interested in purchasing them from you :)
    15. thefinnnwi

      Deer hunting riflfe in pistol caliber

      Getting out of the service in 10 months or so and looking at going deer hunting for the first time with my pa. I'm looking for something in a standard caliber (.357 Mag, .44 Mag, etc) and under $700. Where we would be hunting, the max range I'd be taking shots at is roughly 100 yards...
    16. thefinnnwi

      Think I found an awesome deal on brass.

      LC 223 Brass... 220$ for 2000 casings, no military crimp. Lake City 5.56 Nato/223 New Unprimed Brass 2000/Box - Natchez Shooters Supplies Midway has 1000 going for 220$. Buy up!
    17. thefinnnwi

      Greetings from Okinawa, Japan

      Been lurking on here for a while now, figured I'd finally say hello. I'm stationed in Okinawa Japan and will be returning for good the end of this year. Hope the states are treating you guys/gals well. :patriot:
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