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    1. 66chevelle

      Arrangements for "Big Tanker" Dustin Marshall

      He was a great man. Prayers to the family.
    2. 66chevelle

      WTS: Kids neoprene chest waders

      Make me an offer.
    3. 66chevelle

      Indiana airguns?

      I have never heard of this place. If you find out it’s still open please let us know.
    4. 66chevelle

      All Things Woodworking

      I just finished a 86” wide flag. And a concealment mountain box. Next time I will build a shooting board so I can make the angles fit a little better.
    5. 66chevelle

      Dove hunting.

      I have to admit I like dove hunting better then rabbit and squirrels. I think I am more excited for 12/17 than Christmas. I forgot to post these from back in mid September.
    6. 66chevelle

      Gun advertisement from 1972.

      These are the best stories. I have my grandpas last new gun he ever bought. A Remington sportsman 48. He carried it so much he rubbed the checking off the stock. We have pictures of him in the 60’s with it and all the rabbits and quail he killed on a great one day hunt. It’s the gun I used to...
    7. 66chevelle

      Gun advertisement from 1972.

      My first pistol was a sterling 380 for $49.99 in 2000. There was an old farmer down the road from my parents that sold guns out of a mini barn. I told him I wanted it so later that night he came down to my parents and my dad filled out the paperwork. I also bought a Taurus 357 model 66 with a...
    8. 66chevelle

      Gun advertisement from 1972.

      I had to laugh at the sterling and H&R. They basically doubled while the rest went up by at least 5 times
    9. 66chevelle

      Gun advertisement from 1972.

      I am with you 100%. I am sure somethings were easier and some things weren’t.
    10. 66chevelle

      Gun advertisement from 1972.

      I saw this today and thought man I wish I was alive back in these days. Lol. I’m sure my kids will say the same thing about video games and crap from when I was a kid. FYI I will take 10 of each if anyone has them for sale at this price again.
    11. 66chevelle

      2022 Deer season

      9:30 Ripley county. Heard 5 shots. Just got down saw 0 deer and 2 squirrels.
    12. 66chevelle

      WTS: Kids neoprene chest waders

      BTT. No one duck hunts with kids?
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