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    1. Frosty

      You know you live in a small town in the midwest when...

      I remember walking from Sherman to Michigan and not being able to see the sun because of all the trees around 1700 something or other. I don’t remember the exact date, I’ve slept since then…
    2. Frosty


      Heeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy giiirrrrrllllll…
    3. Frosty

      You know you live in a small town in the midwest when...

      I’ve caught myself saying things like “I remember when that Walmart was just a corn field” or “town used to stop 3/4 of a mile west of where it does now “
    4. Frosty

      Safe Hotel/Motel in Indy near Riley's Hospital

      Just for future reference, there are several hotels in Plainfield just a few hundred yards from 70, that puts you roughly 15-20 minutes from Riley if she isn’t comfortable or can’t stay downtown.
    5. Frosty

      All Things Woodworking

      I fondly remember getting up and watching The New Yankee Workshop with my dad, we always envied that shop!
    6. Frosty

      New mods..... hammer time!

      Maybe… hopefully… we could start a thread titled fat old guys fishing and post hot chicks fishing…
    7. Frosty

      New mods..... hammer time!

      We all know @Cameramonkey is just going to snap and go ban happy one of these days. @GodFearinGunTotin will just be on an endless power trip, strutting around saying “do you know who I am???”
    8. Frosty

      Snowmaggedon 2023!

      I was traveling the country roads this morning between mooresville and Monrovia. Maybe 3”-4” by 10:00 am, left our shop at 7 and never got over 30 I don’t think until after noon and then it was just wet roads. It wasn’t bad, just slow and at times really low visibility.
    9. Frosty

      You know you live in a small town in the midwest when...

      When you mentally plan for where to pull off the road when you meet a combine or tractor on a blind corner or crest of a hill.
    10. Frosty

      Snowmaggedon 2023!

      My brother in law works for the prison system in Illinois doing the outdoor maintenance, he loves a good snow, pays good and keeps him outside of the prison.
    11. Frosty

      Snowmaggedon 2023!

      I hope everyone got their French toast supplies! 5”-10” is the latest I’ve heard. I’d be looking forward to it if I didn’t have to be driving in it all day :(
    12. Frosty

      Needed: Generac Repair Person

      I read that as “generic” never mind….
    13. Frosty

      Karen ?

      You should have told Karen the box was where you keep your “trophies” from your “victims” and the bullets were just good insurance. It blows my mind that people think they have a right to know what I’m buying and why.
    14. Frosty

      The INGO Hardcore Weight Loss/Fitness Thread

      The wife and I decided we are heading down to the Smokey mountains in July. I’ve been scoping out hiking trails in the mountains, let me tell ya, I’m pretty pumped, a couple 3 mile trails with almost 1,500 feet of elevation gain, and an 8 miler with over 3,000 feet. Hiking in Indiana just isn’t...
    15. Frosty

      The INGO Hardcore Weight Loss/Fitness Thread

      5 miles in the snow this morning. Nice and quiet.
    16. Frosty

      Pictures of the great outdoors thread.

      Nice morning for a hike
    17. Frosty

      The INGO Hardcore Weight Loss/Fitness Thread

      We won’t talk about what I did to that meat lovers pizza tonight… I’m not proud of myself…
    18. Frosty

      No More AmazonSmile by February 20, 2023

      First time I’ve ever heard of this :dunno:
    19. Frosty

      The INGO Hardcore Weight Loss/Fitness Thread

      Alright, got a workout in and a nice hot shower. Feeling like a new man :):
    20. Frosty

      Don't wanna mess with those Archangels

      Mess with the bull, get the horns, mess with God’s angels and learn a very Valuable lesson!
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