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    1. chuckp

      What gun stuff did you buy today?

      I ordered a Nightforce NX8 showroom demo at a decent price. I've been watching auctions for a while and found that I could get one cheaper on Nightforces website.
    2. chuckp

      Getting an impounded Firearm from Evidence, City County Building Downtown Indy

      None taken. It was the only gun I could find in the dark, very, very quickly. Back then I had a bad habit of putting my carry gun wherever when I got home. That was a problem in the dark trying to find a black handgun. Since then I'm much better prepared. chuck
    3. chuckp

      Getting an impounded Firearm from Evidence, City County Building Downtown Indy

      BTDT. Get an attorney. My gun had sentimental value so it was worth it for me. chuck
    4. chuckp

      Looking for a safe mover

      When I moved my safe I put a dolly under the door and strapped it to it and removed the door. It reduced the weight a lot and made the main body easily movable. A refrigerator dolly was used for that.
    5. chuckp

      BREAKING: Mid-air collision between two planes at an airshow in Dallas

      Was there no planning before flying these planes together? Another reason I hate aviation.
    6. chuckp

      Transferable FA HK MP5 price

      A lot of the value in a transferable MP5 is on how it was converted. Was it a registered receiver two push pin conversion, a sear that can be divorced from the host, sear pack, or? Some of the more desirable conversions are going close to $50k or more. chuck
    7. chuckp

      Carmel PD Deputy Chief - Suspended

      I wonder if there is body camera footage of the incidents? chuck
    8. chuckp

      What round for these "twins"

      I use a 22wmr shotgun. No worry on over penetration and extremely effective.
    9. chuckp

      WTB: 22lr bolt action that can take a scope.

      Im looking for a 22lr bolt action that can take a scope. I would like a Marlin model 80 or a Ranger model 36 as it can take a magazine. It can be a beater as long as the rifling is good. chuck
    10. chuckp

      WTB: Remington 572 SB

      I am looking for a Remington 572 smoothbore. Chuck
    11. chuckp

      Free Rifle Re-re-visited

      My son, Charlie.
    12. chuckp

      Any unusual, odd or funny features on your property?

      My family farm has a magnet that attracts trespassers. Wish I could find it and get rid of it.
    13. chuckp

      WTB: Can vending machine.

      I'm looking for a Coke or other can vending machine. Doesn't need to work. Let me know what you have.
    14. chuckp

      HELP WANTED (Need work done? Post here)

      I need someone with a truck and horse trailer to transport one horse from Shelbyville to Whitestown soon. PM me if available. chuck
    15. chuckp

      WTB: Safe.

      I'm looking for another safe. I don't care off the condition or size as I will most likely customize the interior. Chuck
    16. chuckp

      MP5. Yipee Kai Yay

      I got mine some years ago. I got some good advice from a friend long ago. If you find a NFA deal buy it and resell it. Study values and know what you are looking at. I had some friends to ask questions on stuff I did not know. I got a 401k loan and turned my profits into what I really wanted...
    17. chuckp

      MP5. Yipee Kai Yay

      MP5SD, MP5, MP5KN, oh and a couple of sears. chuck
    18. chuckp

      AK help needed.

      I'd offer a lot less because of the questionable screw build parts repair potential or replacement possibility.
    19. chuckp

      When owner of NFA item passes away

      It can be transferred again or destroyed.
    20. chuckp

      6-year old mortar crews .. . .

      This spring i might see if my son wants to shoot my 60mm with the trainer insert. I bought him a toy one last year and he had a blast.
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