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    1. Jerchap2

      New NRA ad

      I like it.
    2. Jerchap2

      Shooting the .50 cal
    3. Jerchap2

      Intruder shot by entire family -- video

      The report says that a warning shot was fired and the intruder, who was not armed, did not retreat.
    4. Jerchap2

      Burglars for gun control z
    5. Jerchap2

      Trump says CC permits should be honored by all states

      Whatever else you think about Donald Trump, you have to like this:
    6. Jerchap2

      Col. Allen West for NRA Board Member

      I like Col. West a lot. He is a strong 2A supporter. If you feel the same and are a voting NRA member, you can help him in his effort to become a board member. Former US Congressman and Lt Col Allen B. West, Ret. is being nominated to become a member of the NRA Board of Directors. Col West is...
    7. Jerchap2

      Seattle taxing gun owners to pay for gun violence!

      Here we go again. Another liberal idea to reduce gun violence: Tax new firearm sales at $25 and ammo at $0.05/round. What is to keep people from going outside Seattle to buy them? Do criminals legally purchase guns? How could anyone think this would result in any positive consequence other...
    8. Jerchap2

      ATF classifies new ammo as illegal, confiscation beginning?

      According to this article, one gun owner reported that “that they had been contacted by the ATF to turn in their recently purchased flare rounds.” The rounds had been previously classified as legal and non-explosive, but according to the letter, that had all changed. The ATF’s rationale was...
    9. Jerchap2

      Alabama banning guns from rest stops

      I expect the Alamaba legislature to reign in the state DOT, but for now, firearms appear to be prohibited at rest areas along Alabama highways: ALERT: Do NOT Stop at Rest Areas in This State If You?re Carrying a Gun? You Could Be Arrested
    10. Jerchap2

      Do you believe the lies the MSM is spewing about Israel?

      It is sickening to me how the mainstream media is portraying Israel as the bad guy in the current war with the terrorist organization Hamas, and how the current administration is funding terrorism. Here is a great piece by Bill Whittle that sets the record straight in an eight-minute video...
    11. Jerchap2

      Shooting an AK-47 -- under water?

      Maybe you have to be a real science geek to enjoy this. Don't know. But I found it fascinating. Video and explanations of shooting a rifle under water. Not in self-defense, of course, just to see what it looks like and better understand how the weapon works...
    12. Jerchap2

      Obamacare deconstructed -- a must watch

      A bit long at 17 minutes, but worth a watch to see what a crock of :poop: it is and how it was forced on us: Seriously, this is the best deconstruction of Obamacare you will ever see | Young Conservatives
    13. Jerchap2

      The wisdom of Milton Friedman on Capitalisn

      From a Phil Donahue show in the late 70's, but timeless:
    14. Jerchap2

      A win for the good guys, or "Don't think because I am old that I don't pack"

      I think my favorite part of this is: Carlson is 75, the armed suspect was in his 20's. Don't underestimate a seasoned citizen! Things Don?t Turn Out Well for Group of Thugs Who Went After 75-Year-Old Man ? Three Are in Custody and One Is at the Morgue |
    15. Jerchap2

      I find this inspiring, and against the "common wisdom"

      I have always heard, "stop banging your head against the wall." Seems to make sense. But what if your head is stronger than the wall you are banging it against?
    16. Jerchap2

      The US press will not investigate this -- will Egypt?

      This is an eighteen-minute segment from a Michael Savage show. It it long, but I find it very interesting. It explores how deep the rabbit hole goes regarding the Obama administration's support of the Muslim Brotherhood; BHO's brother's position as high-ranking and intimate with the Muslim...
    17. Jerchap2

      "The deal of the century for Iran" while the rest of us lose -- Netanyahu

      This administration is so blatantly incompetent. It continues to make the wrong decisions and is making the world a more dangerous place. I agree with Michelle Bachmann:
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