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    WTB: Primary Arms ACSS LPVO

    Looking for a 1-6X located in Hartford City.
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    AR10 LPVO

    Currently building my first AR10 on a 18" Aero platform. I've used some LPVO's in the past, but never owned one. The max distance I'll shoot at on a regular basis is 150yds. I'm thinking I'd be happy with a 1-8X. What are some of your opinions on the $300-$500 range? I've been looking at Vortex...
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    WTT: 450rds American Eagle 124gr 9mm FMJ

    Looking to trade for a nice 1-4, 1-6, or 1-8 LPVO for my AR10. Located in Hartford City.
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    WTS/WTT: 500rds of 9mm and 500rds of 5.56

    Traded Located in Hartford City. I have 500rds of Federal Syntech 115gr 9mm and 500rds of Federal 55gr 5.56. (picture shows a bag of 1,000rds of 5.56 but I'm only letting go of 500rds) What I'm looking to do is trade this ammo for a complete Aero M5 upper in 308. Complete with BCG and...
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    WTT: Magpul AK47 Mags

    Traded! I am wanting to trade 10X 30rd Magpul AK47 Mags for a stripped AR15 lower. No polymer and no Anderson. Picture shows 14 mags, but I only have 10 of the magpuls available. Most of these have never been used, 1 or 2 only fired once. Located in Hartford City.
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    WTS: 150rd box of WWB 5.56

    Traded Trade 1x 150rd box of WWB 5.56 for a stripped AR15 lower. (not interested in a cash sale) Located in Hartford City. PSA Aero and Spikes are ok. Not interested in Anderson or polymer.
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    SBA3 splitfix

    Irs probably been talked about here before, but just wanted to show off my newest SBA3 splitfix. If you run a SBA3 and don't have one, you're missing out! The Kryptek just added a little spice to my all black pistol. If you have one, how do you like it?
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    WTS/WTT: 2 bricks (1,000rds) 22LR for 308 BCG

    Looking to trade 2 bricks of Federal 22LR (1,000rds) Trade for Aero Precision AR10 308 BCG. Maybe some 308 ammo. Also looking for a LPVO for my AR10. I have 9mm and 5.56 ammo to barter with as well. If you insist on cash, $100 per 500rd brick. Located in Hartford City
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    WTS/WTT: Remington 180gr 30-06 soft point core lokt

    Just have the 1 box and no need for it. Located in Hartford City. This is a very small deal so would need to be local pick up or trade. I don't want to do a hour round trip for 1 box of ammo. Will sell for $40 or trade for Magpul PMAGS in 5.56 or Glock 9mm mags.
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    WTS: Trijicon RMR type 2 RM06

    Traded First time listing on INGO, but here it goes. Trijicon RMR type 2 RM06 3.25 MOA dot. In like new condition, I just can't get used to the red dot on a pistol. It is currently mounted on my 19 and don't plan to remove it until it sells so I don't have to sight it back in if it doesn't. I...
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    Foxtrot Mike

    Hello INGO! Just thought I'd share a little about my favorite gun. I really wanted an AR9 pistol for a long time, but they were hit and miss in the beginning. Last year after a lot of research I picked up this FM9 pistol and couldn't be happier! I see posts about FM here and there, but I don't...
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    Big box stores online?

    So are big box stores no longer selling ammo online? I don't see anything posted by any of the big gun guys in Facebook anymore like Mrgunsngear. Cabela's even says not available for online for most things. I haven't seen a single thing in stock online from academy for months even with...
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    Goodbye RMR

    Ok, so I have a gen 5 19 MOS and mounted a RMR type 2 RM06 on it. I have played with it at the range some and I just don't enjoy it like I thought I would. So here's my question. I run the Romeo 5 on all my AR pistols and rifles and I do enjoy them, but since I'm going to take the RMR off of...
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    Hello from Blackford County!

    Hello everyone, thanks for the add! I'm just your regular 2A loving Hoosier! Looking forward to sharing conversations with you all!
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