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    1. knot4reel

      Tisas 1911 D10 10mm

      My 10mm is the Ruger 1911, I have the Tisas 1911 Duty 5" SS in 45 and love it. They make some great firearms.
    2. knot4reel

      List Your 10mm

      Where did you find this picture of my gun? :bow: It's my favorite 1911.
    3. knot4reel

      WTB: KelTec Sub 2k SW area

      Looking for a good condition Gen2 set up for Glock mags. Trades also possible.
    4. knot4reel

      Girsan 1911?

      I have the SS Duty model and love it.
    5. knot4reel

      10mm like real 10mm

      Following because I just picked up a Ruger SR1911 10mm.
    6. knot4reel

      Glock vs 1911 article.

      Glocks are proven to be fine weapons. That being said they are just not for me.
    7. knot4reel

      Pocket Holster

      Alabama Holster Co. is my favorite
    8. knot4reel

      The gun of Eli

      You guys are the shizz.
    9. knot4reel

      Current prices for Ruger Redhawks

      I have a stainless redhawk 7.5" 44mag I would be happy to let go for $725. Too many 44"s in the stable.
    10. knot4reel

      Kahr cw380

      When I bought my CW380 a few years back it was a jamomatic. Called customer service about it and they said I needed 200 rounds break in before they would look at it. Well a thousand rounds wouldn't have fixed it so I told them it had over 200 and sent it to them. Came back in about two weeks...
    11. knot4reel

      What gun stuff did you buy today?

      Running a little behind here but last week I bought a Ruger Precision Rifle in 22LR.
    12. knot4reel

      Empty 22 LR Boxes

      I have a couple of old ones in my curio cabinet on display alongside of one of every caliber cartridge I've ever used.
    13. knot4reel

      My New

      Taurus 856 Defender 3" with night sight and the VZ grips is in. Going to pick it up tomorrow. I sure hope it's as good as it looks on paper.
    14. knot4reel

      S&W 44 mag price

      Could someone who knows tell me what a reasonable price would be for an excellent condition S&W 29-8 Mountain gun, blue Cabellas edition be? I have a friend wanting to buy mine and don't have a clue how much to ask him for it. Have all the factory stuff that goes with it. Thanks for any help guys.
    15. knot4reel

      WTB: KSG 12 in Eville area.

      My son in law is looking to buy a KSG 12 and also would be willing to work a trade for his UTS 15 if you desired to do so. FTF in southern In. Let me know and I will put you in touch with him. Thanks
    16. knot4reel

      WTB: KSG

      Looking to buy a KSG in good condition. Guys please understand this is a want not a need so I won't be looking to pay a new price for one so don't respond if your price doesn't fit what I'm looking for. Thanks.
    17. knot4reel

      WTS/WTT: S&W 22a-1 EVV area

      SPF I'm selling my S&W 22A-1 that I bought about six yrs ago for plinking and teaching the younguns shooting and firearm safety. Well they aren't younguns any more and I never shoot it either. Bought it new, it has the 5 1/2 bull barrel. Has less than a thousand rds thru it. It's in...
    18. knot4reel

      Tiny Pic

      Well Tiny Pic today is refusing to upload any gun pictures from me, other pictures upload quickly as usual. Is Tiny Pic now useless for us to upload gun pictures? If so what is everyone using? Sorry if this has already been posted.
    19. knot4reel

      .177 pellet rifle + back porch + boredom =

      That "Well crap" moment. Glad I aimed high just in case :ugh:. Guess I've been shooting the big boys too much lately. Sorry about the crappy pic, lens fogged up. That is a thru and thru shot.
    20. knot4reel

      S$W Rebate

      Anyone receive their rebate money from them yet? I'm starting to think they've hoodwinked a lot of us. :xmad:
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