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    1. Dante1983

      Biden calls sales of semi automatic weapons “sick” and calls for them to be banned
    2. Dante1983

      Canada is taking even more from their people
    3. Dante1983

      M&p shield plus mag issue. Anyone got any advice?

      I hate to admit this but I dropped my shield plus 9mm a few weeks ago. Was in the kydex holster in my jacket pocket, fell out, hit the concrete garage floor. Idk if that was a factor on this issue or not honestly bc the magazine doesn’t get released often it is my edc. But I went to eject the...
    4. Dante1983

      Does anyone still get or buy engraved/carved wood stock for long guns?

      I used to do some carving and engraving. Been thinking about picking it back up. Thought maybe if I could get back up to par I’d do some shotgun stocks or something and sell them. But I don’t see the beautiful wood with the filigree or fish scales or forests or deer heads anymore. Is anyone...
    5. Dante1983

      Anyone see the daily wire’s anti woke razor commercial?

      Apologies if this is in the wrong place
    6. Dante1983

      This is why the 2nd amendment is so important. Ukraine is handing out rifles to their civilians.
    7. Dante1983

      Anybody have any experience with the laser and fake bullet practice stuff I see advertised?

      I keep seeing them advertised from 20 bucks to well, much more. Any experience or tips?
    8. Dante1983

      Does everyone carry with a round chambered?

      I carried revolvers for years, always left it on an empty cylinder. Now I’m carrying a shield. I’m gonna assume I’m going to get made fun of here, but I’ve carried without a round chambered. Always kind of hoped/assumed if something was coming I’d see it coming. Then the other day I was working...
    9. Dante1983

      Anybody a big fan of the .40?

      I noticed last year there was still 40 ammo on the shelves. I remember 18 years ago 40s were the most popular thing around. I carried a 357 and didn’t pay attention to semi automatics until recently. When/why did the 40 lose popularity? Anyone here love them?
    10. Dante1983

      Do different generations have a stereotype firearm?

      Is it a regional thing or is it even real? Just seems in my little corner of the world that there are certain brands or gun types that different age groups seem to carry. Guys in their 60’s.. 1911. 70’s, almost always a revolver. 50’s 1911 or sig, 40’s Glock, 30’s lotta shields and glocks, 20’s...
    11. Dante1983

      Any union guys in here?

      I joined one a few years ago. And they want us to vote Democrat. Personally I'm a libertarian, I just wish they'd give us some decent candidates. I mentioned what I did for a living at a gun store and the clerk got all weird on me, it finally dawned on me why and we ended up having a political...
    12. Dante1983

      Finally saying hello?

      I guess like my title says, I'm finally saying hello. Started this account, idk, little over a month ago, really didn't realize how much there was to this site. I grew up plinking in the middle of nowhere surrounded by corn fields. I live in a city now, and just looking to 'meet' like minded...
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