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    1. Dante1983

      Biden calls sales of semi automatic weapons “sick” and calls for them to be banned
    2. Dante1983

      I just got some bad news.

      Praying for you both
    3. Dante1983

      Indy 1500 4-6 November

      Haven’t been to a gun show in a long time, and never to this one. My dad used to take me to em as a kid. How much is the entry fee?
    4. Dante1983

      What to spend a Dick's Sporting Goods gift card on?

      Got a daughter? Get a trailcam. Point it at your driveway and don’t tell anyone
    5. Dante1983

      Bad to worse to the worst

      I’m sorry man. That sucks.
    6. Dante1983

      Greetings All

      Woodworking and guitars? Wish you were closer. Greenwood here. Welcome!
    7. Dante1983

      If you are eligible for student loan forgiveness, READ THIS!

      Gonna get some hate for this but.. I’m in the trades, no college for me except night classes a previous employer paid for and now an apprenticeship. But.. most of the ppl I know paying on student loans long term are middle to lower class, and have been working every day since they could legally...
    8. Dante1983

      Experience with Shield Plus Performance Center 9mm?

      I’m not as tall as you, but I come from a long line of ditch diggers and field tile layers with the hands to match. 5’10 240ish. I had the same experience with the 365 and the hellcat. Too small, ok, kinda, with the extended mag. But meh. The shield plus fits me fine tho. I’ve only taken it to...
    9. Dante1983

      Biden administration plans to cut military pay

      Hey man, we NEED to send our oil reserves to a country that hates us. We NEED to give 10 million for gender studies to a middle a middle eastern country that executes anyone confused about such things. Don’t you understand? If we don’t the maga ppl win, democracy dies, puppies get kicked, nuns...
    10. Dante1983

      Changing Jobs

      I did at 36 years old. Was a pay cut. Joined the IBEW. Few years later I’m making more. It’s hard with a family, but sometimes it’s gotta be done
    11. Dante1983

      Conceal Carry Into Others' Home - Thoughts Please

      I know nothing about the legal aspects. I’ve carried in peoples homes many times. They never knew. The company she works for would probably frown upon it. On the other hand, in that situation, I’d probably do it anyway. Idk about the handbag tho. Has she ever considered the undershirts or other...
    12. Dante1983

      INGO Garage Sale / Swap Meet

      I’d be interested
    13. Dante1983

      Pistol class in central Indiana

      Check out shoot point blank in greenwood. And highsmith guns in Plainfield
    14. Dante1983

      Greenwood mall shooting

      Same. I’m just down the road from there. My kids go there all the time. They were there just before this happened. Can’t tell em anything tho.
    15. Dante1983

      Will Kroger employees go on strike?

      True. There’s a few at my local Kroger that are wonderful ppl. There are some that openly sneer at ppl. Meijer is the same
    16. Dante1983

      1st time ever drawing firearm tonight

      I was at my daughters apartment one time working on her car, got charged by a neighbors dog. To be honest I completely forgot I was carrying. Thing came at me from the side. I veered into a brick wall, it lunged and I busted it in the head with my tool bag. Happened like 5 times. It stopped for...
    17. Dante1983

      turning in and banning "assault rifles" ?

      Seems like they should ban their swat team instead.
    18. Dante1983

      Canada is taking even more from their people
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