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    1. cosermann

      New "assault weapons" ban?

      If one looks at countries by per capita homicide rate, out of the 195 countries listed at Wikipedia [1], the U.S. comes in about a third of the way down the list at #59. Yet, our firearms ownership rate is about twice that of the nearest country [2]. {Data references below.) Fact: Every...
    2. cosermann

      Self Defense Ammo - 2022

      HST is about the best value in consistent defensive ammo out there from what I find. Options: 1). The 127 gr HST performs just about as well as the 147 gr, and should be close enough to your 115 gr practice ammo for practical purposes. 2). Alternatively, your could switch your training ammo...
    3. cosermann

      Protocol for Carry Magazines

      200 rounds of your defensive ammo thru those 3 mags should do it. Designating mags for carry isn’t a bad idea, since if you train much you can beat the crap out if your training mags. And, If you don’t designate, you won’t know if that last mag drop into the dirt/stones/concrete was “the one”...
    4. cosermann

      Out of State Hand Gun Carry Licenses

      TN appears to be 21 yrs of age, unless active duty U.S. military (or honorably discharged), then it's 18 yrs. (TC 39-17-1307)
    5. cosermann

      Concealed Carry No-Nos

      Could lead to a "negative outcome" depending on the gun. . . Pro tip: Don't do this ^^^.
    6. cosermann

      Concealed Carry Permit Holders Across the United States: 2022

      Travel is a big part of it I’m sure.
    7. cosermann

      Price on a Ruger 10/22 in 2022

      The margins on new firearms are only in the 10-15% range. The money is made on accessories, ammo, supplies, etc.
    8. cosermann

      Bloomington home invasion ends in shots fired.

      Good example of some things to not do on the part of the resident. Another article on it.
    9. cosermann

      How does this happen? Buys stolen gun from retailer?

      I wonder if the original owner ever got it back.
    10. cosermann

      Maybe Time to buy Ammo online?

      Haven't signed for ammo via UPS or FedEx for years. Won't be an issue unless one's retailer wants it.
    11. cosermann

      Change out pepper spray

      The above said, even though most reputable manufacturers put a 2 to 4 year shelf-life on their OC spray products, I try change out my canisters well before the printed expiration date. Four years seems crazy long to me, and it's too cheap not to do otherwise.
    12. cosermann

      Change out pepper spray

      Sabre products have an expiration date on the canister. POM units also do - although you have to remove the canister from the outer plastic cover to find it. In the absence of a date on the canister, every year or two is a good idea. Use expired canisters for practice.
    13. cosermann

      How easy is it to remove a pin and welded Flash Hider?

      It's not supposed to be easy. That's kind of the point. ;)
    14. cosermann

      Baltimore PD body cam of shooting

      And a reload.
    15. cosermann

      Henry 22 Rifle, H001 Picatinny Rail Mount

      Has anyone used the factory picatinny adapter for the standard Henry .22 rifle (H001, 002, 003)? Part - HLPA001. From the pics, it looks like it slides over the receiver dovetail and is held in place with set screws. Is that correct?
    16. cosermann

      Suggestions requested

      The tricky bit here might be how much of a fashion compromise any particular lady is willing to make for a solid gun belt. While the Daltech SuperBio belt is an excellent value with good service life, it's not necessarily the most fashionable belt out there. But, I'm a guy, so it works fine...
    17. cosermann

      Church Sues New York State Over Law Prohibiting Worshipers From Carrying Firearms

      Good for them. Seems like this is something private schools could consider too.
    18. cosermann

      Business fights back against costly smash and grabs

      It’s a fog that has no residue. No cleanup. Completely visual. The perp can’t steal what the perp can’t see, and the business goes on about its day without having to worry about decontamination. No reason to complicate it with CS or OC.
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