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    1. 71silverbullet

      WTS: 308 Brass, Bullets, and Dies

      Everything you would need to reload 308, minus Powder, Primers, and a Press. $275 takes it all! Located in Corydon. Will travel 30 minutes if you buy as 1 lot. Not willing to travel much on individual items but will ship at actual cost. Let me know if you need more pics. 413 pieces of mixed...
    2. 71silverbullet

      WTS: FLIR Infrared Thermal Optic REDUCED Trades Added

      FLIR Thermosight Pro PTS233. This is a discontinued scope but still supported by FLIR. I bought this new and have been using this for about 2 seasons now. Does really well out to about 150-180 yard range, I haven't done much past that. Has American Defense QD mount and spare battery cartridge...
    3. 71silverbullet

      WTB: AR15 22 Dedicated Upper

      Found one Looking for a complete dedicated 22 upper for an ar15. I'm in Harrison County for a ftf or willing to pay shipping.
    4. 71silverbullet

      Check your old powder in metal containers

      I was in my reloading room today looking for a scope mount, I glanced on one of the shelves and seen this... There were 4 cans all next to each other. One of them rusted all the way through, the rest were fine. I THINK that the cans touching is what caused the corrosion. I have a dehumidifier...
    5. 71silverbullet

      WTS: Sold 2015 Polaris RZR Highlifter

      Adult owned and driven. Many new parts. Runs and drives excellent, needs nothing! Located in Harrison County. PM me for details on new parts and upgrades. $15,600
    6. 71silverbullet

      AR15 Assembly Guide

      I've assembled several ar's in the past. I have always referenced youtube to help me along the process. I can do it without the video help but, I'm thinking though, that one day youtube my take these videos down. Can any one point me towards a written, printable guide for ar assembly?
    7. 71silverbullet

      WTB: 38 special/ 357 J Frame

      Looking for a J frame pistol. It can be a beater or a beauty, doesn't matter. Must be in Southern Indiana, counties of: Harrison, Floyd, Clark, Crawford, Washington, Perry, Jackson
    8. 71silverbullet

      WTB: 1967-78 Ford Truck

      Looking for a 1967-1978 Ford truck. Prefer earlier years in that range but open to all. No preference on long or short bed, 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive.. Don't need motor or transmission.
    9. 71silverbullet

      WTB: Left Hand Holsters

      I need a holster for a Smith and Wesson 4014. Other S&W models will work, let me know what you have. Also would be interested in other LH holsters. Some particulars: 1911 all barrel lengths S&W N fame revolves various lengths S&W K/L frame revolvers 2 inch J frames G20 G23 G27 G29...
    10. 71silverbullet

      WTB: Glock 29

      Looking for a Glock 29, any gen. I'm in southern Indiana, would drive a little for the right deal. Found one. Thanks
    11. 71silverbullet

      Cat in Harrison County

      Nice bobcat in New Salisbury. The picture really looks like a young lion, can't see the pointed hair on the ears. This is how rumors get started by people who don't know better. I've showed it to several people who thought it was a lion.
    12. 71silverbullet

      WTS: 100oz silver bar.

      ​Both SPF Just like the title says 100oz silver bar. $1500. That's .42above spot. Silver is down and showing signs of rising. I have 2 of these available. I'll take $2950 for both, that is BELOW SPOT! NTR Metals stamped. Working on getting the picture posted... try this Located in...
    13. 71silverbullet

      WTS: Smith and Wesson 310 Night Guard 10mm Revolver

      Selling my Smith and Wesson 310. Gun is in great condition. Comes with original box and papers. Great light weight 10mm revolver. Harrison county Indiana. Not going to travel far for the deal. Will ship to your FFL. $1750
    14. 71silverbullet

      Maxim Defense Pistol Brace

      I've been looking at these on line and I can not figure out why the prices are all over the place. Anywhere from $239 to $400 or more. Is there something I'm missing? Are there some different models (besides color) that I'm not seeing? Just looking at ar15 mil spec...
    15. 71silverbullet

      Gun Shops in Indy

      Spending some time in Indy tomorrow and would like to hit a couple gun shops. Mainly looking to handle a Dan Wesson Bruin. I will be down town on Fulton street, then going to Twin Peaks on the North East side. I will be coming up 65 in route there. Whats the good shops?
    16. 71silverbullet

      Louisville Gun Show

      Went to the gun show at the Kentucky Fair And Expo Center. Pretty small, not really any deals to be had. My primary reason for going was to look for reloading components. One booth had primers for sale, Large Pistol, and Small Rifle primers was the only primers there They were $29.99 per 1k...
    17. 71silverbullet

      Do I live In A Cave?

      I have a loved one who is in the hospital in Louisville Ky. I live in Rural Southern Indiana. Well, today I was going to visit my loved one in the hospital as I have been doing for days now. While walking from my vehicle to the hospital, I encountered a...A human being laying in the bushes...
    18. 71silverbullet

      What about zinc bullets?

      While shopping for bullets to reload 10mm I've been seeing some listings for zinc bullets. I've not known of anyone who has used these. I'm just looking for target rounds, was wondering if there are any limits on loading these like there are with plated bullets? Can you shoot them out of all...
    19. 71silverbullet

      My Cold Weather Gun Test

      A recent thread about testing equipment in cold weather got me interested in seeing how a couple of my guns would perform in harsh cold weather conditions. So I sat 4 loaded guns, of three different styles outside in 23* air temperature for two hours. The guns and ammo details are: Colt Delta...
    20. 71silverbullet

      WTS/WTT: Kel Tec PMR 30

      I have a new PMR 30 I want to sell. I won this gun at an NRA convention, it is a NRA edition, it has a NRA serial number. FDE color, with 2 mags and everything that it came with new. FULL DISCLOSURE: I never wanted a PMR 30 and if I didn't win it I wouldn't own it, I had it sold the day...
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