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    1. cbhausen

      WTS: Holosun SCS - BNIB

      I’ve been trying to sell a Trijicon RMR with C&H plate and Trijicon Night sights with no interest (see thread here): Lack of interest there has led me to not install this new Holosun SCS I just got from Optics...
    2. cbhausen

      WTS: Glock MOS RDS Package (Trijicon, C&H)

      <<<SOLD>>> For sale complete RDS kit for Glock 17/19 MOS including Trijicon night sights (green lamps with white outlines), RMR Type 2 (3.25 MOA), and C&H V4 plate. Items are shown installed on my pistol and are in a-new condition with no marring. Rear sight will be removed with a Wheeler...
    3. cbhausen

      WTS: 1,000 Tula 7.62 x 39

      I got this from another INGO member recently but I’m realizing it’s going to be awhile before I can acquire another AK so I’m selling it for the good deal price I paid. $325 for the lot in 20-round boxes, ammo can not included. Meet up in out around Indy. <<<Sold>>>
    4. cbhausen

      Originally, 12-year-old destroys mothers house after she takes his phone.

      Wow, just wow… turns out this was a 15-year-old mentally disturbed boy. Why make up a story like this? Edit: the...
    5. cbhausen

      WTS: Apple Watch Series 7 Stainless GPS+Cellular

      Excellent condition, minimal wear. Crystal is scratch-free. Case has minor scratches (which can be polished out on this model). Moonlight color (beige) band shows some mild discoloration. Item sells with everything it came with. Asking $250 in or around Indy.
    6. cbhausen

      Donovan Lewis Shooting, Columbus, OH

      This one does not look good for the Columbus PD. Things could get spicy tonight over there:
    7. cbhausen

      Holosun SCS - Got One Yet?

      I ordered one of these today. It could ship as soon as 10 days from now or it may take 6 to 8 weeks. Any INGO people have one of these yet? If so, what do you think? I already have a barely-used Trijicon RMR, C&H Plate, and Trijicon suppressor-height night sights on my G19.5 MOS. Something...
    8. cbhausen

      Race Driver Bobby East Murdered in California

      Damn, stabbed to death by a transient at a 76 station: I wonder what the circumstances were? Was Bobby just...
    9. cbhausen

      Bar Mass Shootings, South Africa

      Check this out: There are some real gems in here, like the claim these are not like “American style mass shootings” and the stunning admission South Africa’s strict gun laws don’t work, but more...
    10. cbhausen

      Former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe Shot

      Breaking story, it looks like an assassination attempt which may have succeeded: Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe rushed to hospital after apparent shooting: Japanese media Yes, another case...
    11. cbhausen

      July 4th parade shooting, Highland Park, IL

      Developing story, multiple victims: Chaos erupts as multiple people are shot at 4th of July parade
    12. cbhausen

      INGO Drummer/Percussionist Thread

      I did a search and found this 10-year-old thread: I’m starting this one to give INGO drummers and percussionists a place to hang out and tell lies. I’m thinking of picking up a set of sticks and learning some basic drumming along...
    13. cbhausen

      Milwaukee Mayhem: 17 Shot near Bucks-Celtics Game The comments are revealing. People are fed up with this crap, and they know where it comes from.
    14. cbhausen

      WTS: 9mm Blazer Aluminum (500 Rds)

      10 each 50-round boxes. $180 cash for the lot. Local pickup in or around Indy. (16 boxes shown, 10 only for sale). <<<SOLD>>>
    15. cbhausen

      WTS: 33-Round Factory Glock Magazines (4)

      Lot of 4 available. Still in original packaging. $140 cash for the lot in/around Indy. $40 each bought separately. <<<SOLD>>>
    16. cbhausen

      WTS: Ruger PC Charger 9mm with MRO and SB Tactical Brace

      As-new condition with 10 rounds fired to rough-zero installed Trijicon MRO RDS (full co-witness mount). Includes SB Tactical FS-1913 folding brace (alloy strut). Pistol has Glock magazine well insert installed. Magazine release and charging handle are fully ambidextrous. Includes Magpul MOE K2+...
    17. cbhausen

      WTS: INGO AR-15 Stripped Lower Receiver

      BCI Defense AR lower receiver, new in box. Must show LTCH and Indiana ID. $100 cash in/around Indy. <<<SOLD>>>
    18. cbhausen

      WTS: Lancer L5-AWM Magazines (10)

      Lot of 10 AR-15 magazines, black, new in bags. 2 each 10 rounds 2 each 20 rounds 6 each 30 rounds $40 cash for remaining 4 in/around Indy <<<ALL ARE SOLD>>>
    19. cbhausen

      WTS: PMAG 40 AR-M4 (3)

      3 40-round Gen M3 PMAGs, new in bags. $50 cash <<<SOLD>>> in/around Indy.
    20. cbhausen

      WTS: PMAG 30 AK/AKM (4)

      4 AK PMAGs, new in bags. $50 cash <<<SOLD>>> in/around Indy.
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