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    1. ChristianPatriot

      RIP Bill Russell

      His days in the NBA were way before my time but anybody with 11 championship rings has my respect.
    2. ChristianPatriot

      The End of the Movie Star

      **NSFW Language** This guy is spot on.
    3. ChristianPatriot

      Colts 2022 Embrace the suck

      We need to get back on top of the AFC South. Is Wentz the guy? Is Reich the guy? We need a dominant pass rusher. We need better WR weapons. Lots of questions and concerns going into the off-season. Embrace the suck fellas.
    4. ChristianPatriot

      Happy New Year INGO!!

    5. ChristianPatriot

      RIP John Madden

      What an amazing person
    6. ChristianPatriot

      Fence installation South Central Indiana

      Any recommendations for a fence installation in the Columbus area? 300-ish ft total. Mostly 6 foot privacy height with some chain link on the back.
    7. ChristianPatriot

      Happy Thanksgiving INGO!

      May your lives be full of peace, love, and delicious food. :ingo:
    8. ChristianPatriot

      Accidental discharge at Greenwood Park Mall

      Don’t put your booger hook on the bang switch
    9. ChristianPatriot

      INGO lawyers chime in please. Need help.

      I’ve been contacted by an individual that I sold a car to seven months ago telling me that I misrepresented the condition of the car and he is going to sue me for damages and put a lien on my house unless I settle with him. Thoughts? Do I need to lawyer up or is this guy blowing smoke?
    10. ChristianPatriot

      Who could’ve seen this coming…

      So you’re telling me that dividing people up by their innate qualities and assigning privilege and virtue accordingly is a recipe for disaster within military units? I’m shocked I tell ya. Totally unforeseeable...
    11. ChristianPatriot

      Used lawn mowers

      Thinking about upgrading my life and getting into a zero turn mower. How many hours is too many? Brands to avoid? Just bite the bullet and buy a new one? Any advice is appreciated. My lawn is only a half acre so I don’t need anything commercial-size.
    12. ChristianPatriot

      Colts 2021 Nunc Coepi

      Keep Rivers? More pass rush? Help at corner? Lot of big name free agents on our team to make decisions about.
    13. ChristianPatriot

      Timcast - Will Of The People

      Not really an earth shattering artistic work in my opinion, but pretty darn good for a podcaster.
    14. ChristianPatriot

      Is there a Destroy The Constitution thread already?

      Pretty sure none of us had any actual doubts about which direction the left, and by default, the Democrat party is going, but here’s an article to sum it up. To the left, the Constitution is a government roadblock that needs replaced and/or removed, which is ironically exactly what the...
    15. ChristianPatriot

      Golf lesson recommendations?

      Anybody know any good coaches in the South Central Indiana area? Just looking for a couple sessions to get the basics. YouTube can only take you so far.
    16. ChristianPatriot

      Old crusty handgun identification

      It’s probably a toy but I’m no good with revolver identification and it’s got some heft to it. It had been sitting at the bottom of a river for who knows how long. Any info or guesses would be appreciated.
    17. ChristianPatriot

      WTS: AR-15 pistol w/ Eotech and Accessories

      Just picked this up from Churchmouse but have decided to put the funds elsewhere. BCI INGO lower LAR OPS-4 side charge upper SB Tactical brace 1911 style grip Eotech Holo sight Magpul 45 offset backup sights Sightmark laser Crimson Trace light Comes with two loaded mags $1,200 OBO FTF in the...
    18. ChristianPatriot

      Jordan Peterson’s first video in almost a year
    19. ChristianPatriot

      Public Education Funding: Property Taxes vs Equal Distribution

      I know in recent history, states have moved further away from using property taxes to fund the majority of public education. Just looking for general pros and cons. On the surface, equal distribution makes more sense but I’m open to other ideas.
    20. ChristianPatriot

      Holy crap I agree with Biden...

      10-15% of Americans are just not very good people.
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