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    1. VinceU1

      WTS: FS-2500 new and once fired .38SuperComp brass

      2500 new and once fired .38SuperComp brass I've changed my open gun from .38SuperComp so I have this un-needed brass to sell. It's all Starline .38 SuperComp brass. 1330- new in the bag unfired 450- new never fired, primed with Wolf small RIFLE primers 750- once fired tumbled and cleaned...
    2. VinceU1

      Looking for WC844...

      Just ran out of this powder looking to pickup a couple of 8lb containers. Anybody know someplace in Indy that has any?
    3. VinceU1

      I’ve got this nephew...

      Who wants to get his ‘96 ‘Mitsubishi 3000 GT4 Spyder painted and the “pinch welds” underneath the car fixed. He seems concerned about the convertible roof. Can I have him drive it by the shop and let you take a look at it? If so, when are you back from Sema? thanks, VinceU1
    4. VinceU1

      Anderson lowers for #39.99

      An FYI. Just got an email from Primary Arms. They've got the Anderson lowers with the forged in trigger guard on sale for $39.99.
    5. VinceU1

      What to do with competition ammo.

      OK, so due to eye problems, I've sold my open pistol and have a couple thousand rounds of 9Major that I built for it. I could tear the ammo apart, pitch the powder and sell the projo's and primed brass or I could offer it to someone who might be able to use the ammo as is or dis-assemble it...
    6. VinceU1

      Grizzly has a 6L ultrasonic cleaner on sale...

      Just got the latest flyer from Grizzly Tools today and they have their 6Liter ultrasonic cleaner on sale for $162 plus shipping. Not shilling for them, but thought if anyone was interested, here it is: Ultrasonic Cleaner, 6 Liter | Grizzly Industrial
    7. VinceU1

      How much sand?

      Good Day! I've got a couple of rifle rest bags that I want to fill with sand. I've got a Protektor #14 bunny ear bag and a #2 Owl ear bag. Anybody know how much "heavy" sand I'll need to fill both ofthese? Sinclair sells 15lbs in a kit, but I don't know if these will be enough. Thoughts?
    8. VinceU1

      WTS: 9mm USPSA Open Gun

      Due to medical circumstances, I've got to leave the USPSA/IPSC sport. So I'm selling my STI Open pistol. It was originally built by Steve Moore in Denver Colorado. I had him shorten an STI long wide frame to normal length to provide extra strength for the C-More mounting. It has a bald...
    9. VinceU1

      WTS: MODS, lock this post

      Mods, lock this until I can get pictures up and hosted. Sorry, this didn't go like I thought it would!
    10. VinceU1

      WTT: RCBS Bullet puller collet

      I've got a spare, nib .308 collet for the the RCBS bullet puller. This one fits the standard thread (7/8x14 thread) puller. This is the one I'm looking for: RCBS Collet Bullet Puller Collet 35 Cal 9mm (357 Diameter) This is the one I have: I'm on the westside of Indy, the Speedway Avon...
    11. VinceU1

      Looking for an open...

      Need to sight in a rifle tomorrow. So I'm looking for a 100yard outdoor range that's going to be open tomorrow. I'm on the west side of Indy and just don't want to make the long drive to Brazil to do this. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    12. VinceU1

      Do you still FFL?

      Do you still do transfers?
    13. VinceU1

      I did it again!

      Just so everybody knows, I'm not complaining about my Hornady .223 Rem sizing die. More just another instance of if its going to break, I'll be the guy to break it!!! So I'm down in the reloading room resizing a bunch of 5.56 brass for reloading later this winter and get this really old piece...
    14. VinceU1

      Need an ECM for my Dodge repaired

      Need some help! I've got a 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 that just ate a rebuilt ECM. I got this ECM from a "reputable" remanufacturer and installed it early last August. The first one didn't work and they sent me a second ECM. It had a "lifetime" warranty. The second ECM lasted just 50 weeks before...
    15. VinceU1

      Primers and Xylene

      Well, I've bought some of the primed 7.62X51 brass from Wideners and now I've got to find out if the tar is gonna give me problems. I've trundled off to Lowe's, picked up some slow dry Xylene and cleaned the tar from 10 cases. Now, I'm not sure if the xylene is gonna cause primer problems or...
    16. VinceU1

      Can you shorten and thread a shotgun barrel?

      Of course you can. Dude, you can do damn near anything. Anyway, I've got a 28inch Mossberg 12ga barrel that I need shortened to 24inch, threaded for the regular Mossberg type chokes and then a couple of threaded holes in the rib for a set of Tru-Glo F.O. sights. This will finish my 3gun...
    17. VinceU1

      Need some shotgun barrel work done.

      I've just bought a new 28inch barrel for my Mossberg 930 and I'd like to get some work done on it. I'd like to get it shortened a couple of inches, threaded for chokes and a lengthened polished forcing cone cut. (Let the risque comments begin!!!) I understand in Indiana this work needs to be...
    18. VinceU1

      Hodgdon HS-6

      Anybody got 2 pounds they'd be willing to sell? Need it for my Open gun. IM me if you do. Thanks! VinceU1
    19. VinceU1

      Montana Gold is accepting orders

      Montana Gold is accepting orders 4-30-13 It's closed now, 750AM. Hope you got what you needed. I did! It's open right now, 727AM 4-30-2013. If you need 9mm 124gr JHP's go get 'em. Never mind. Just checked at 802AM and it's closed. Right now for 9mm 124gr JHP projectiles. I don't know how...
    20. VinceU1

      Need a throw lever.

      Alan, Ok, bought the Vortex Razor 1-6 and should have bought the cat-tail/throw lever while I was there. Since I didn't and do need one, can you get me one? I was on Vortex's website and they just say it'll be shipped from the "closest dealer to you". I'd rather get it from someone I know...
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