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    1. AdventureTeamJoe

      WTB: Beretta 682 Gold E 12ga

      Looking for Beretta's older 682 Gold E. 30" or 32" barrel preferred would consider 28". A long shot, I know, but can't hurt to ask.
    2. AdventureTeamJoe

      S&W 686 Trigger Refinishing

      Recently picked up my first wheel gun and am pleased with the look of the stainless 686 with one exception.....the trigger. Any way to clean up the dark, dirty appearance of the trigger?
    3. AdventureTeamJoe

      Skeet/Sporting Clays Novice - Shotgun Recommendation

      Coworker recently introduced me to clay bird shooting. I've been borrowing a 20 gauge O/U and really enjoy the experience. Now thinking about buying a sporting gun and realize I have no real idea what to look for. 12 or 20 gauge? O/U or semi-auto? New or used? Appreciate any guidance from...
    4. AdventureTeamJoe

      Zastava ZPAP M70.....Thoughts?

      Young coworker needing $$ is selling a very low round count ZPAP M70. Anybody have experience with this AK platform rifle?
    5. AdventureTeamJoe

      Updating S&W M&P10 .308

      Recently brought home a very lightly used M&P10 .308 with 18" barrel and M4 style handguard. Looking to turn this into an outdoor range plinker that I'll use mostly from shorter distances (100-300 yards) and occasionally out to 500 yards. Am intrigued by the cylindrical look of the 15" free...
    6. AdventureTeamJoe

      Marlin Model 60 Recoil Spring

      A man's got to know his limitations and mine include the ability to replace the #$%$^$ recoil spring on my Model 60 :xmad:. Despite watching seemingly dozens of videos detailing the ease of this job, I've now bent 3 new ones and see no way to acquire the hands of a surgeon I apparently need. Any...
    7. AdventureTeamJoe

      Red Dot for M&P PC 9L

      Recently picked up a Performance Center 9L CORE with suppressor height sights. Have been researching red dot sights and info is all over the board regarding quality, ability to cowitness irons, value, etc. Anybody have a recommendation to make? Purpose will be mostly a range toy. Many thanks for...
    8. AdventureTeamJoe

      Spring Break Range Day

      Had a chance to take 14yo son out with FIL and wife's uncle today for some outdoor shooting. Any day like this is good but this was the first time he had the chance to get first hand experience with weapons he only sees on video games.....1911, SK, AK, AR, and Garand. Pretty sure the smile on...
    9. AdventureTeamJoe

      Knife Recommendation

      Full disclosure up front.....I know next to nothing if not less about knives. Long story short, looking at buying a knife for my brother as a Christmas gift. Thinking a nice EDC blade yet it needs to be a functional tool to be used in his lawn care business. Any recommendations or thoughts on...
    10. AdventureTeamJoe

      Positive First Range Experience for Wife

      My much better half surprised me by asking if we could go to the range today. As a girl, she shot a good bit outdoors at her grandparents' home but it'd been years since she expressed an interest in shooting. Off we went with 9mm and .45 in the bag. After a slow start, she got comfortable and...
    11. AdventureTeamJoe

      Greetings from Westfield

      Long time listener, first time caller so to speak. Have read and enjoyed INGO for some time and finally decided to take the plunge. Most likely bumped into several of you at the usual Indy northside shops.....Tim's, Hoosier Armory, etc. Spent my youth in south central Indiana toting a Marlin 60...
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