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    1. cbhausen

      Which is worse?

      We were doing a frame-up restoration on a race car hauler when I was a kid and I picked up a soda can and took a swig and it had used brake fluid in it. Fortunately, I didn’t swallow any of it, but I did puke all over the shop. And outside.
    2. cbhausen

      Black Licorice ***** love it or hate it??

      Extruded by wallaby with a spiral sphincter!
    3. cbhausen

      Black Licorice ***** love it or hate it??

      I found some Wiley Wallaby black licorice at the cash register of my local Ace Hardware store. WOOt, now I can stop looking for it at truck stops and convenience stores.
    4. cbhausen

      Holosun SCS - Got One Yet?

      I decided to go ahead and mount the SCS and give it a try. It fits well and looks good on the pistol but it is weird having the dot set so low after being used to the RMR. I know some people think that’s an advantage but I guess it’s what you get used to. Maybe having the dot cowitness with...
    5. cbhausen

      WTS: Holosun SCS - BNIB

      I’ve been trying to sell a Trijicon RMR with C&H plate and Trijicon Night sights with no interest (see thread here): Lack of interest there has led me to not install this new Holosun SCS I just got from Optics...
    6. cbhausen

      Colts 2022 Embrace the suck

      Credit where credit is due to the Colts, but the Chiefs special teams were abominable today and that’s why they lost.
    7. cbhausen

      This Is What They Think Of You, And Your Beliefs…

      Dear Mr. Benioff, Go **** yourself. Cordially, Me
    8. cbhausen

      WTS: Glock MOS RDS Package (Trijicon, C&H)

      <<<SOLD>>> For sale complete RDS kit for Glock 17/19 MOS including Trijicon night sights (green lamps with white outlines), RMR Type 2 (3.25 MOA), and C&H V4 plate. Items are shown installed on my pistol and are in a-new condition with no marring. Rear sight will be removed with a Wheeler...
    9. cbhausen

      WTS: 1,000 Tula 7.62 x 39

      I got this from another INGO member recently but I’m realizing it’s going to be awhile before I can acquire another AK so I’m selling it for the good deal price I paid. $325 for the lot in 20-round boxes, ammo can not included. Meet up in out around Indy. <<<Sold>>>
    10. cbhausen

      Holosun SCS - Got One Yet?

      Mine showed up this afternoon and I took it out of the box and checked it out. My initial impression is it is extremely well-made and very compact. My next impression was the window is very small, but putting it side-by-side with the RMR there isn’t really that much of a difference, it just sits...
    11. cbhausen

      WI issues with p320

      Paging @Leadeye :D
    12. cbhausen

      Adding a little something to my services

      That’s the same model we have at the medical company I work for. We use it to mark stainless and aluminum. With anodized aluminum, we can vary the settings to simply bleach the dye of colored (Type II Class 2) anodizing or do what is called a “dark burn”, which burns through the anodizing to...
    13. cbhausen

      Gr666mer Updates

      If that ****ing **** ever comes up on a shelf in my kids classroom, I will tear that ****ing school down with my bare hands.
    14. cbhausen

      Colts 2022 Embrace the suck

      This season is officially over. For me, at least. That’s at least 50 hours the next 15 Sundays I can use doing more constructive things. Getting emotionally involved in this team is an absolute waste of time.
    15. cbhausen

      Colts 2022 Embrace the suck

      This, exactly this. I was going to post exactly this.
    16. cbhausen

      Colts 2022 Embrace the suck

      The suck is real.
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