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    1. M

      Lead is still out there.

      Don't ever let some expert tell you that all wheel weight is zinc or steel. Or you can't find lead anymore. It takes some effort and putting the word out but it's out there. This is just from over winter. Time to make some ingots. Probably over a thousand pounds in ingots stacked in my garage...
    2. M

      Had a guard at my door

      So I go to the cabin last night. Picked up a Dillon 550 not far away so I went up and spent the night. Got there after dark but not quite Odark:30. Almost screwed up by not watching where I was going!
    3. M

      A morning visitor!

      I woke up this morning at my Michigan cabin and expected to see deer in the yard. Nope. Just a BIG raccoon! Lol. I took some pics and sent him packing. The deer were NOT happy!
    4. M

      I get to shoot these!!!

      I was at the Paradise Pass Regulators range helping set up for the main matches at End of Trail this week. I met a gentleman that has a couple neat toys. We get to shoot them this week! For a fee of course. How cool! If you want to see some neat stuff the main matches are Wednesday thru Friday...
    5. M

      Finally joined!

      Hello everyone. Finally bowed to peer pressure and joined the fire. Looking forward to many new friends! Mark, oops, uh, Michigan Slim
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