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    1. VinceU1

      2022 INGO challenge coin (Its a Go!)

      Ordered and payed for 4. Thanks D
    2. VinceU1

      Adding a little something to my services

      And then he wants to start with the 3d printing. And you are retiring when???
    3. VinceU1

      Colts 2022 Embrace the suck

      Colts 2022 Embrace the suck... And this is new since when???
    4. VinceU1

      Muzzle Device Experiments: Flash Hiders / Linear Comp

      If you're looking for a .224 comp that works, take a good look at the JP Enterprises comp. Thing helps suppress both horizontal and vertical recoil, allowing for very past followup shots. However, you don't EVER want to be standing at the shooters left or right shoulders!! If your looking for...
    5. VinceU1

      2022 INGO challenge coin (Its a Go!)

      I'll take 4 and thank you!
    6. VinceU1

      Funny Political Picture Thread Part VII **** Diapers and Purple Pancakes

      Yep, most people will git the SQRRT -1, but will screw their faces up in confusion with 1i
    7. VinceU1

      Picked up an Anderson AM-15

      If you want a sight with the bayo lug that's easy to mount and standard height, try the YHM front gas block. I've put them on a couple of different AR's and they are good solid bits of kit.
    8. VinceU1

      They all Look the Same to Me

      One is cast from PTA and the rest from TPU.
    9. VinceU1

      Reloading boo-boo

      I learned that locking doors do wonderful things for my reloading peace of mind.
    10. VinceU1

      Converting AR Front Sight Gas Block to Moveable Set Screw DIY

      Alternatively, you can drill and tap for set screws in the original pin locations. That allows you to adjust the front sight alignment.
    11. VinceU1

      Funny Political Picture Thread Part VII **** Diapers and Purple Pancakes

      And in astonomy: Oh, be a fine girl, kiss me swak! That is classification of stars from hottes (O) to coldest(K)
    12. VinceU1

      Brass catchers

      If you've got a 3d printer, go to thingiverse and download from there. You need to supply the all-thread and thumbscrews, but it works pretty well.
    13. VinceU1

      Small Pistol Magnum Primer substitute

      What he said. I've used small rifle primers in ALL my pistols using powders from W231 through HS6 and W296 and they've ignited every single load without fail. Been doing this since 2000 or so when 38Super loads where loaded to Oh My God scary levels and a regular normal pistol primer would...
    14. VinceU1

      Clean 22LR rifle?

      Here is everything you never wanted to know about cleaning your .22LR barrel.
    15. VinceU1

      Midlength handguard upgrade

      Surefire used to sell one, the M73 or something like that. They weren't cheap, but from what I remember, they were sturdy and tight.
    16. VinceU1

      Battle rifle

      With the color of the rifle, I'd say a Vortex scope. One of the 1-6 or 1-8 LPVO.
    17. VinceU1

      The Funny Pic Thread Part 13 - Clowns to the Left of me, jokers to the right, Welcome to DC!

      Numbers 12 and 19 are so very true! Don't ask how I know, 'cuz I ain't telling!!!
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