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    1. Riflemen14

      WTS: 1996 Chevy 1/2 ton 2wd 5sp manual pick-up

      Sold For sale, 1996 Chevrolet ½ ton 2 wheel drive, extended cab pick-up. Has 5.0liter V8 engine with 5 speed manual transmission. Has 284,000 miles. Has been my daily driver since 2012. Very dependable and gets about 18mpg combined city/highway driving. The truck has a broken right side...
    2. Riflemen14

      WTS: Full size double reclining couch perfect condition

      Up for sale I have a 2 month old lite blue/grey double reclining couch. No stains rips or tears anywhere. The two ends recline by electric motors. So any position you want it can be adjusted to. Wife doesn't like my surprise :ugh: Asking $800, no trades, PM only please. Can help deliver...
    3. Riflemen14

      Brazil Has an Idea to Fix Rampant Gun Violence: More Guns

      New President in Brazil. Sounds like the beginning of a great leader. This should drive the anti-gunners nutz :rockwoot: Hey England, Australia and the rest of high crime, civilian gun restricting US cities and states, say what...
    4. Riflemen14

      Brit sniper deals 671 grain of diplomacy to ISIS

      Ronnie Barretts outstanding rifle design, keeps on takin out bad guys at long distances. SAS sniper kills ISIS executioner moments before he kills 12 hostages | Daily Mail Online
    5. Riflemen14

      Magpul Art of the Tactical Carbine Vol 1 & 2 DVD set clearance at web store

      I found Magpul has on clearance both 2nd edition versions of the Art of the Tactical Carbine. I purchased both for $20.97 shipped Fed Ex.
    6. Riflemen14

      WTS: Glock 19 left handed holsters

      Glock 19 left handed holsters >price drop< For sale are two left hand Glock 19 holsters. First is an OWB Tagua brown leather holster. It is slightly used with a few scuff marks. Asking $18 shipped. Next I have a G-Code XST RTI coyote brown holster. This holster...
    7. Riflemen14

      WTS: Springfield M1A Standard rifle and more

      **SOLD to an awesome INGO'er** Up for sale is my Springfield M1A standard rifle. Purchased in 1989, I’m the original owner. Round count is around 2500rds. The rifle has been in my safe for over 10 years, only taken out to be inspected. Included with the rifle are x6 20rd, x1 5rd magazines. Two...
    8. Riflemen14

      WTS: 2007 Mazada3 s sedan

      No longer avalible. I am looking to sell our 2007 Mazada3 s sedan. Has the 2.3L I4 engine, automatic trans with manual shift option. Fully loaded with power doors, windows, sun roof, heated seats, 6 CD disc changer, fold down rear seats and rear spoiler. Very dependable. Located in Roanoke, IN...
    9. Riflemen14

      Biden: NRA right, cops in schools, good idea

      Posted in the Washington Times today: MILLER: The NRA was right - Washington Time Didn't know the VP could have any common sense left. Hope this some how could lead to the end of gun free zones.
    10. Riflemen14

      WTS: HK USP site install tool & Leupold scope

      First I have a H&K USP/P2000 site installation tool. Used one time to remove old and install new night sites to my full size USP9. Very easy to use, and leaves no marks to slide or sites. Will work with both compact and full size USPs and P2000 handguns. Price $125.00 plus shipping. Leupold...
    11. Riflemen14

      Range 180, Delaware Co. IN Riflemen14

      Last Saturday I went to a new range. No rounds were put down range, but dirt was flying all over the place. Firearm safety rule number 4 was the main focus of this days event. This is the story of building a private range on my mom’s property. For years I have been practicing my shooting sport...
    12. Riflemen14

      Oly Arms & Magpul help

      I have an Oly Arms ORC, that I'd want to install a Magpul grip on it. Purchased a MOE grip part number MAG415-BLK. Removed the old grip and found the Magpul isn't the right fit. The new grip isn't wide enough to fit. My question is, has anyone have an Oly carbine that the Magpul grip does fit...
    13. Riflemen14

      H and H now is Freedom Arms

      Went to H and H in Ft Wayne to do some indoor shooting with my GSG 1911, and found the H and H sign on the building gone, and a sign just as you walk in the door "Welcome to Freedom Arms". First impression, I felt a more friendlier atmostphere, and noticed an increase in handgun inventory. The...
    14. Riflemen14

      My new birthday present!!!!

      I just picked up my first Glock earlier this week, for my birthday yesterday :rockwoot: Its a gen 3, model 19, that was as new in the box with factory rear night site and Trijicon's front night site. Ran 350rds of Winchester USA thru it, Friday afternoon (just returned home little while ago from...
    15. Riflemen14

      Select fire trigger pak to HK93 how to legally?

      I have a HK93 semi rifle. I found that has select fire trigger packs for $408 and up. Can I legally set up my HK to select fire?
    16. Riflemen14

      New member from NE Indiana

      :ingo:Hello to all, new to the forum, and have enjoyed lurking for a short time. I'm a shooter who likes military type firearms. Former USMC Sgt. 0811 (artillery), '83 thru '89. Looks like a great place to hang out with very like minded people.
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