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    1. M

      Wish it was me, but what would you have done?

      I would most certainly turn in all four of the rifles I found.
    2. M

      Persimmon seedlings

      Wouldn't hurt to try a few. See how they do.
    3. M

      Persimmon seedlings

      Huntington county where I hunt is absolutely loaded. Saw a bunch by where I used to work in Allen county also.
    4. M

      Persimmon seedlings

      I'd plant them now myself out of direct sunlight. All the seedlings where I hunt are in shaded creek bottoms. None on hills or in the open. Moist earth.
    5. M

      2022 Deer season

      I wait also. I don't want a deer's last view to have me in it. I know I'll never slit another's throat. Not good.
    6. M

      youth weekend

      I sure miss taking my kids out during this hunt. Was great times!
    7. M

      .30 M1 Carbine

      I have an Auto Ordnance. It does great with 15 round mags but doesn't like to keep the 30s locked up.
    8. M

      The Funny Picture Thread, 14th Edition: Ketchup Farts, Dog Sneezes and Misspelled Tattoos

      There may be one of those in the dark recesses of my closet.....
    9. M

      attack opossum

      Even shot it was growling at me. They take some killin sometimes.
    10. M

      attack opossum

      Bad time for him when I pulled in the drive
    11. M

      Mountain Lion in Brown County this time

      Buy her a drink. Who knows, might look good in a couple hours.
    12. M

      Mountain Lion in Brown County this time

      Or screech owl. Had one scare the bejeebers out of my daughter last year.
    13. M

      Woman With Guns IV

      She seems ni..... Uh, no. No.
    14. M


      I was down to one. Now I'm quite happy with zero. Hated that school and every ********** in it. Never been to a reunion and never will. What I find hilarious is that all the preppy bitches are nasty, dried up divorcees now.
    15. M

      Maybe lack of maintenance?

      Awe, we didn't get to see them walking dizzy from spinning around! That's the fun part!
    16. M


      I would be at the front door begging for food cause I didn't want to leave.
    17. M


      "RACKED up over a million views." Lmao
    18. M

      Colts 2022 Embrace the suck

      Yes, but it's full of ****.....
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